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Primary culture
Fon (West African)

Capital province
Abomey (1140)

Tribal DespotismGovernment tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
West AfricanWest African technology group
Dahomey ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% Fort defense
+25% Hostile core-creation on us

Legitimacy.png Children of the Panther

+1 Yearly legitimacy

National manpower modifier.png Slave Hunts

+15% National manpower modifier

Stability cost modifier.png Migan and Mehu

−10% Stability cost modifier

Foreign spy detection.png Lagredis

+30% Foreign spy detection

Discipline.png The Amazons

+5% Discipline

Institution spread.png The Yovogan

+10% Institution spread

Prestige.png Palaces of Abomey

+1 Yearly prestige

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Production efficiency

Dahomey is a landlocked one province minor in Niger that borders Flag of Dagbon Dagbon to the North as well as Flag of Oyo Oyo and Flag of Benin Benin to the East. Its only province has a development of 3 and produces slaves.


Dahomey starts in a very bad position surrounded by stronger nation and need to sign alliances to survive. Flag of Mossi Mossi is a good ally since is the strongest fetishist nation in the area; Flag of Zazzau Zazzau is good too because starts with a three star general; Flag of Benin Benin could also be a strong ally if doesn't starts with a hostile attitude towards the player. Dahomey also starts with a 3 dev province so the economy is painful: the player should focus on conquest and developing gold provinces in Flag of Kong Kong and Flag of Mali Mali and not be afraid to take some debts or debase currency.

Where the heart is[edit]

If the player is going for the Where the heart is achievement the first targets are Flag of Dagbon Dagbon and Flag of Oyo Oyo, they usually ally each other so both can be beaten in the same war. The player should fully annex Dagbon to open a western route of conquest and also take some Oyo's provinces in order to border with Flag of Nupe Nupe, that will be a future target.

The first war with Mali is the hardest one: the player should attack before Flag of Mali Mali has expanded too much, and maybe when it is engaged in another war. A good ally against Mali is Flag of Fulo Fulo, this nation doesn't exist at the start of the campaign but appears in 1470 in the provinces of Brakna, Tekrur, Galam and Tagant and has some cores on Mali and Flag of Macina Macina.

If Dahomey wins against Mali, the rest of the campaign until 1500 will be a race against time. The player will need to feed Fetishist allies with Sunni lands and maybe take a vassal or two: Flag of Kanem Bornu Kanem Bornu is the best one since it has some cores on Flag of Air Air and Flag of Yao Yao and can be fed with their lands, on the other hand Kanem Bornu is Sunni so the player has to manually force religion.

The player must pay attention to the possible conversion of Flag of Kano Kano to Islam.

To avoid too much AE the player should: hire the improve relations minister given by the nobility interaction, set the Estabilish Comunities trade policy in both trade nodes and take the Justified wars ability in the Age of Discovery tab.

If the player is struggling with rebels, they should increase autonomy on not-gold-producing provinces and hire the Theologian minister in the clergy interaction tab.

To avoid economic problems the player should develop gold provinces, hire the Inflation reduction minister from the Merchant Guilds and take the Improved war taxes age bonus for the Age of Discovery.

Since Dahomey starts without Feudalism the player must not spend Admin and Diplo points on technologies but keep up with MIL tech.


Where the heart is icon
As Dahomey, force all non-Fetishist nations out of Niger and Sahel by 1500.

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