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This page contains a list of all countries in the game.

Use the map to get more detailed information in a specific region or scroll down for the tag order table.


Countries by regionEdit

The map represents all nations at the start of the game in 1444. You can click on the parts of the map to see more details of the concerned region.

North America super-regionCentral and South America regionsEurope central regionsEurope western regionsEurope eastern regionsMiddle East regionsAfrica northern regionsAfrica southern regionsIndia super-regionEast Indies super-regionAsia eastern regionsTartary super-regionEnlarge. 

All existing nations at the beginning of the grand-campaign (1444-11-11).

Tag orderEdit

All countries in EU4 are identified by a tag. The tag order specifies in what order actions are resolved between tags[1].

For example, if Sweden is moving an army into a province a Danish army is moving away from, and both their movement is set to resolve on the same day, Sweden will catch the army as they are listed prior to Denmark on the order list.

Dynamic tagsEdit

Dynamic tags are countries created during the campaign without a pre-existing tag. They use a different 3-key identifier structure: the first a letter (based on type) and the other two are numbers. The tags are assigned according to order of creation. In terms of action order, dynamic tags act last.

The following table lists the dynamic tag types (first letter) and their max value[2].

Max Type
D 75   Custom nations
C 75   Colonial nations
K 100   Client states
E 50 Estate disaster countries
T 75 Trading cities
O 10 Observers (can never be on map)
S 10 Spectators (can never be on map)

List of tagsEdit


  •   Formable - Other countries may form this country if it does not exist. If it has been eliminated it may be formed by another country again.
  •   Releasable - This country has cores in 1444, but is otherwise unplayable unless released by another country first. It has a sizable chance of appearing with the help of rebels or being released in a peace deal during the campaign.
  •   Revolter - This country lacks cores in 1444. It has a small chance of appearing with the help of rebels during the campaign.
Country Tag General location Notes
1   Rebels REB Special game tag
2   Pirates PIR Special game tag
3   Natives NAT Special game tag
4   Sweden SWE Scandinavia
5   Denmark DAN Scandinavia
6   Finland FIN Scandinavia   Releasable
7   Gotland GOT Scandinavia   Releasable
8   Norway NOR Scandinavia
9   Holstein SHL Scandinavia
10   Scandinavia SCA Scandinavia   Formable
11   Estonia EST Scandinavia   Releasable
12   Livonia LVA Scandinavia   Releasable
13   Sapmi SMI Scandinavia   Revolter
14   Karelia KRL Scandinavia   Revolter
15   Iceland ICE Scandinavia   Formable /   Releasable
16   Achaea ACH Balkans   Releasable
17   Albania ALB Balkans
18   Athens ATH Balkans
19   Bosnia BOS Balkans
20   Bulgaria BUL Balkans   Releasable
21   Byzantium BYZ Balkans   Formable (exists in 1444)
22   Corfu CEP Balkans   Releasable
23   Croatia CRO Balkans   Formable (exists in 1444)
24   Crete CRT Balkans   Releasable
25   Cyprus CYP Asia Minor
26   Dalmatia DAL Balkans   Formable /   Releasable
27   Epirus EPI Balkans
28   Greece GRE Balkans   Formable
29   The Knights KNI Asia Minor
30   Morea MOE Balkans   Releasable
31   Moldavia MOL Balkans
32   Montenegro MON Balkans   Releasable
33   Naxos NAX Balkans
34   Ragusa RAG Balkans
35   Romania RMN Balkans   Formable
36   Serbia SER Balkans
37   Transylvania TRA Balkans   Releasable / Appears by event
38   Wallachia WAL Balkans
39   Hungary HUN Balkans
40   Nitra SLO Balkans   Releasable
41   Ottomans TUR Asia Minor
42   Clanricarde CNN British Isles
43   Cornwall CRN British Isles   Releasable
44   England ENG British Isles   Formable (exists in 1444)
45   Leinster LEI British Isles
46   Ireland IRE British Isles   Formable
47   Thomond MNS British Isles
48   Scotland SCO British Isles   Formable (exists in 1444)
49   Tyrone TYR British Isles
50   Wales WLS British Isles   Releasable
51   Northumberland NOL British Isles   Releasable
52   Great Britain GBR British Isles   Formable
53   Meath MTH British Isles   Releasable
54   Ulster ULS British Isles
55   Desmond DMS British Isles
56   Sligo SLN British Isles
57   Kildare KID British Isles
58   Gaeldom HSC British Isles   Releasable
59   Ormond ORD British Isles
60   Tyrconnell TRY British Isles
61   Offaly FLY British Isles
62   Munster MCM British Isles
63   Mann KOI British Isles   Releasable
64   The Isles LOI British Isles
65   Brazil BRZ Colonies   Formable
66   Canada CAN Colonies   Formable
67   Chile CHL Colonies   Formable
68   Colombia COL Colonies   Formable
69   Haiti HAT Colonies   Formable
70   La Plata LAP Colonies   Formable
71   Louisiana LOU Colonies   Formable
72   Mexico MEX Colonies   Formable
73   Peru PEU Colonies   Formable
74   Paraguay PRG Colonies   Formable
75   Quebec QUE Colonies   Formable
76   United Central America CAM Colonies   Formable
77   United States USA Colonies   Formable
78   Venezuela VNZ Colonies   Formable
79   Australia AUS Colonies   Formable
80   California CAL Colonies   Formable
81   Texas TEX Colonies   Formable
82   Cascadia CSC Colonies   Formable
83   Alaska ALA Colonies   Formable
84   Zealandia NZL Colonies   Formable
85   Illinois ILI Colonies   Formable
86   Florida FLO Colonies   Formable
87   Vermont VRM Colonies   Formable
88   Sonora SNA Colonies   Formable
89   West Indies WSI Colonies   Formable
90   Cuba CUB Colonies   Formable
91   Danzig DNZ Eastern Europe   Releasable
92   Krakow KRA Eastern Europe   Releasable
93   Lithuania LIT Eastern Europe
94   Livonian Order LIV Eastern Europe
95   Mazovia MAZ Eastern Europe
96   Poland POL Eastern Europe   Formable (exists in 1444)
97   Prussia PRU Eastern Europe   Formable
98   Kurland KUR Eastern Europe   Formable
99   Riga RIG Eastern Europe
100   Teutonic Order TEU Eastern Europe
101   Commonwealth PLC Eastern Europe   Formable
102   Galicia–Volhynia VOL Eastern Europe   Releasable
103   Kiev KIE Eastern Europe   Releasable
104   Chernigov CHR Eastern Europe   Releasable
105   Odoyev OKA Eastern Europe
106   Alençon ALE France   Releasable
107   Strasbourg ALS Germany
108   Armagnac AMG France
109   Auvergne AUV France
110   Avignon AVI France   Releasable
111   Bourbonnais BOU France
112   Brittany BRI France
113   Burgundy BUR France
114   Champagne CHP France   Releasable
115   Corsica COR Italy   Releasable
116   Dauphine DAU France   Releasable
117   Foix FOI France
118   France FRA France   Formable (exists in 1444)
119   Gascony GUY France   Releasable
120   Nevers NEV France
121   Normandy NRM France   Releasable
122   Orleans ORL France
123   Picardy PIC France   Releasable
124   Provence PRO France
125   Sardinia-Piedmont SPI Italy   Formable
126   Toulouse TOU France   Releasable
127   Berry BER France   Releasable
128   Aachen AAC Germany
129   Anhalt ANH Germany
130   Ansbach ANS Germany
131   Augsburg AUG Germany
132   Baden BAD Germany
133   Bavaria BAV Germany


134   Bohemia BOH Eastern Europe
135   Brandenburg BRA Germany
136   Bremen BRE Germany
137   Brunswick BRU Germany
138   East Frisia EFR Germany
139   Frankfurt FRN Germany
140   Germany GER Germany   Formable
141   Austria HAB Germany   Formable (exists in 1444)
142   Hamburg HAM Germany
143   Hanover HAN Germany   Formable
144   Hesse HES Germany
145   Holy Roman Empire HLR Germany   Formable
146   Cleves KLE Germany
147   Cologne KOL Germany
148   Saxe-Lauenburg LAU Germany
149   Lorraine LOR France
150   Lüneburg LUN Germany
151   Magdeburg MAG Germany
152   Mainz MAI Germany
153   Meissen MEI Germany   Revolter
154   Mecklenburg MKL Germany
155   Münster MUN Germany
156   Moravia MVA Eastern Europe   Releasable
157   Oldenburg OLD Germany
158   The Palatinate PAL Germany
159   Pomerania POM Germany


160   Saxony SAX Germany
161   Silesia SIL Eastern Europe   Formable
162   Salzburg SLZ Germany
163   Styria STY Germany   Releasable
164   Switzerland SWI Germany
165   Thuringia THU Germany
166   Tirol TIR Germany   Releasable
167   Trier TRI Germany
168   Ulm ULM Germany
169   Wurzburg WBG Germany
170   Westphalia WES Germany   Formable
171   Wurttemberg WUR Germany
172   Nuremberg NUM Germany
173   Memmingen MEM Germany
174   Verden VER Germany
175   Nassau NSA Germany
176   Dortmund RVA Germany
177   Dithmarschen DTT Germany
178   Aragon ARA Iberia
179   Castile CAS Iberia
180   Catalonia CAT Iberia   Releasable
181   Granada GRA Iberia
182   Navarra NAV Iberia
183   Portugal POR Iberia
184   Spain SPA Iberia   Formable
185   Galicia GAL Iberia   Releasable
186   León LON Iberia   Releasable
187   Andalusia ADU Iberia   Formable
188   Valencia VAL Iberia   Releasable
189   Asturias ASU Iberia   Releasable
190   Majorca MJO Iberia   Releasable
191   Aquileia AQU Italy   Releasable
192   Etruria ETR Italy   Revolter
193   Ferrara FER Italy
194   Genoa GEN Italy
195   Italy ITA Italy   Formable
196   Mantua MAN Italy
197   Milan MLO Italy
198   Modena MOD Italy   Releasable
199   Naples NAP Italy
200   The Papal State PAP Italy
201   Parma PAR Italy   Releasable
202   Pisa PIS Italy   Releasable
203   Sardinia SAR Italy   Releasable
204   Savoy SAV Italy
205   Sicily SIC Italy   Releasable
206   Siena SIE Italy
207   Tuscany TUS Italy   Formable
208   Urbino URB Italy
209   Venice VEN Italy
210   Montferrat MFA Italy
211   Lucca LUC Italy
212   Florence LAN Italy
213   Malta JAI Italy   Revolter
214   Brabant BRB Low Countries
215   Flanders FLA Low Countries
216   Friesland FRI Low Countries
217   Gelre GEL Low Countries
218   Hainaut HAI Low Countries   Releasable
219   Holland HOL Low Countries
220   Liege LIE Low Countries
221   Luxembourg LUX Low Countries   Releasable
222   Netherlands NED Low Countries   Formable
223   Utrecht UTR Low Countries
224   Armenia ARM Caucasia   Formable /   Releasable
225   Astrakhan AST Caucasia   Releasable
226   Crimea CRI Eastern Europe
227   Georgia GEO Caucasia   Formable (exists in 1444)
228   Kazan KAZ Russia
229   Muscovy MOS Russia
230   Novgorod NOV Russia
231   Pskov PSK Russia
232   Qasim QAS Russia   Releasable
233   Russia RUS Russia   Formable
234   Ryazan RYA Russia
235   Tver TVE Russia
236   Ruthenia UKR Eastern Europe   Formable
237   Yaroslavl YAR Russia
238   Zaporozhie ZAZ Eastern Europe   Releasable
239   Nogai NOG Central Asia
240   Sibir SIB Russia   Releasable
241   Polotsk PLT Eastern Europe   Releasable
242   Perm PRM Russia
243   Theodoro FEO Eastern Europe
244   Bashkiria BSH Russia   Releasable
245   Beloozero BLO Russia
246   Rostov RSO Russia
247   Great Horde GOL Russia
248   Golden Horde GLH Russia   Formable
249   Aden ADE Arabia
250   Haasa ALH Arabia
251   Anizah ANZ Arabia
252   Arabia ARB Arabia   Formable
253   Ardalan ARD Arabia
254   Soran BHT Arabia   Releasable
255   Dawasir DAW Arabia
256   Eretna ERE Arabia   Releasable
257   Fadl FAD Arabia
258   Germiyan GRM Asia Minor   Releasable
259   Hadramut HDR Arabia
260   Hejaz HED Arabia
261   Lebanon LEB Arabia   Releasable
262   Makuria MAK Arabia
263   Medina MDA Arabia
264   Mikhlaf MFL Arabia
265   Mahra MHR Arabia
266   Najd NAJ Arabia
267   Najran NJR Arabia
268   Oman OMA Arabia
269   Rassids RAS Arabia
270   Shammar SHM Arabia
271   Sharjah SHR Arabia   Releasable
272   Shirvan SRV Arabia
273   Yas YAS Arabia
274   Yemen YEM Arabia   Formable (exists in 1444)
275   Hisn Kayfa HSN Arabia
276   Bitlis BTL Arabia
277   Aq Qoyunlu AKK Asia Minor
278   Aydin AYD Asia Minor   Releasable
279   Candar CND Asia Minor
280   Dulkadir DUL Asia Minor
281   Iraq IRQ Asia Minor   Releasable
282   Karaman KAR Asia Minor
283   Syria SYR Middle East   Releasable
284   Trebizond TRE Asia Minor
285   Saruhan SRU Asia Minor   Releasable
286   Mentese MEN Asia Minor   Releasable
287   Ramazan RAM Asia Minor
288   Avaria AVR Asia Minor
289   Kharabakh MLK Asia Minor
290   Samtskhe SME Asia Minor
291   Ardabil ARL Asia Minor
292   Mushasha MSY Asia Minor
293   Rûm RUM Asia Minor   Formable
294   Algiers ALG Maghreb   Formable /   Releasable
295   Fez FEZ Maghreb   Releasable
296   Mamluks MAM Middle East   Formable (exists in 1444)
297   Morocco MOR Maghreb   Formable (exists in 1444)
298   Tripoli TRP Maghreb   Formable /   Releasable
299   Tunis TUN Maghreb   Formable (exists in 1444)
300   Egypt EGY Middle East   Formable
301   Kabylia KBA Maghreb   Releasable
302   Tafilalt TFL Maghreb
303   Sus SOS Maghreb
304   Tlemcen TLC Maghreb
305   Touggourt TGT Maghreb
306   Djerid GHD Maghreb
307   Fezzan FZA Maghreb
308   Mzab MZB Maghreb
309   Salé SLE Maghreb Appears by event
310   Tétouan TET Maghreb   Releasable / Appears by event
311   Marrakesh MRK Maghreb
312   Kazakh KZH Central Asia   Releasable
313   Khiva KHI Central Asia   Releasable
314   Uzbek SHY Central Asia
315   Ferghana KOK Central Asia   Releasable
316   Bukhara BUK Central Asia   Formable
317   Afghanistan AFG Persia
318   Khorasan KHO Persia
319   Persia PER Persia   Formable
320   Qara Qoyunlu QAR Persia
321   Timurids TIM Persia   Formable (exists in 1444)
322   Transoxiana TRS Persia
323   Gilan KRY Persia
324   Circassia CIR Persia
325   Gazikumukh GAZ Persia
326   Imereti IME Caucasia
327   Mazandaran TAB Persia
328   Hormuz ORM Persia
329   Luristan LRI Persia
330   Sistan SIS Persia
331   Biapas BPI Persia
332   Fars FRS Persia
333   Kerman KRM Persia   Releasable
334   Yazd YZD Persia   Releasable
335   Isfahan ISF Persia   Releasable
336   Tabriz TBR Persia   Releasable
337   Basra BSR Persia   Releasable
338   Maregheh MGR Persia   Releasable
339   Ajam QOM Persia
340   Aztec AZT Central America
341   Cherokee CHE North America
342   Chimu CHM South America
343   Creek CRE North America
344   Huron HUR North America
345   Inca INC South America   Formable
346   Iroquois IRO North America
347   Maya MAY Central America   Formable
348   Shawnee SHA North America
349   Zapotec ZAP Central America
350   Ashanti ASH West Africa   Revolter (more likely by an event)
351   Benin BEN West Africa
352   Ethiopia ETH East Africa
353   Kongo KON Kongo
354   Mali MAL West Africa
355   Funj NUB West Africa   Revolter (more likely by an event)
356   Songhai SON West Africa
357   Kilwa ZAN East Africa
358   Mutapa ZIM East Africa
359   Adal ADA East Africa
360   Hausa HAU West Africa   Releasable
361   Kanem Bornu KBO West Africa
362   Loango LOA Kongo
363   Oyo OYO West Africa
364   Segu SOF West Africa   Revolter
365   Sokoto SOK West Africa   Formable
366   Jolof JOL West Africa
367   Sofala SFA East Africa
368   Mombasa MBA East Africa
369   Malindi MLI East Africa
370   Ajuuraan AJU East Africa
371   Mogadishu MDI East Africa
372   Ennarea ENA East Africa
373   Aussa AFA East Africa   Releasable
374   Alodia ALO East Africa
375   Darfur DAR East Africa   Revolter (more likely by an event)
376   Geledi GLE East Africa   Revolter
377   Harar HAR East Africa   Releasable
378   Hobyo HOB East Africa   Releasable
379   Kaffa KAF East Africa
380   Medri Bahri MED East Africa
381   Majeerteen MJE East Africa   Releasable
382   Marehan MRE East Africa
383   Pate PTE East Africa
384   Warsangali WAR East Africa
385   Semien BTI East Africa   Releasable
386   Beja BEJ East Africa
387   Jimma JIM East Africa   Revolter
388   Welayta WLY East Africa
389   Damot DAM East Africa
390   Hadiya HDY East Africa
391   Shewa SOA East Africa   Releasable
392   Janjiro JJI East Africa
393   Dongola ABB East Africa
394   Tyo TYO Kongo
395   Soyo SYO Kongo   Releasable
396   Kasanje KSJ Kongo
397   Luba LUB Central Africa
398   Lunda LND Kongo
399   Chokwe CKW Central Africa
400   Kikondja KIK Central Africa
401   Kazembe KZB Central Africa
402   Yaka YAK Kongo
403   Kalundwe KLD Central Africa
404   Kuba KUB Central Africa
405   Rwanda RWA Central Africa
406   Burundi BUU Central Africa
407   Buganda BUG Central Africa
408   Nkore NKO Central Africa
409   Karagwe KRW Central Africa
410   Bunyoro BNY Central Africa
411   Busoga BSG Central Africa
412   Buha UBH Central Africa
413   Maravi MRA East Africa
414   Lundu LDU East Africa
415   Tumbuka TBK East Africa
416   Makua MKU East Africa
417   Butua RZW East Africa
418   Imerina MIR Madagascar
419   Sakalava SKA Madagascar
420   Betsimisaraka BTS Madagascar
421   Mahafaly MFY Madagascar
422   Antemoro ANT Madagascar
423   Annam ANN Indochina   Releasable
424   Arakan ARK Indochina
425   Aceh ATJ East Indies   Revolter
426   Ayutthaya AYU Indochina
427   Bali BLI East Indies   Releasable
428   Banten BAN East Indies   Revolter
429   Brunei BEI East Indies
430   Champa CHA East Indies
431   Chagatai CHG Mongolia
432   Champasak CHK Indochina   Revolter
433   Dai Viet DAI Indochina
434   Japan JAP Far East   Formable
435   Amago AMA Far East
436   Asakura ASA Far East   Releasable
437   Chosokabe CSK Far East   Releasable
438   Date DTE Far East
439   Hojo HJO Far East   Revolter (more likely by an event)
440   Hosokawa HSK Far East
441   Hatakeyama HTK Far East
442   Ikeda IKE Far East   Revolter
443   Imagawa IMG Far East
444   Maeda MAE Far East   Revolter
445   Mori MRI Far East   Releasable
446   Oda ODA Far East
447   Otomo OTM Far East
448   Ouchi OUC Far East
449   Shiba SBA Far East
450   Shimazu SMZ Far East
451   Takeda TKD Far East
452   Tokugawa TKG Far East
453   Uesugi UES Far East
454   Yamana YMN Far East
455   Nanbu RFR Far East
456   Ashikaga ASK Far East
457   Kitabatake KTB Far East
458   Ainu ANU Far East
459   Akamatsu AKM Far East   Releasable
460   Ando AKT Far East
461   Chiba CBA Far East
462   Isshiki ISK Far East
463   Ito ITO Far East
464   Kikuchi KKC Far East
465   Kono KNO Far East
466   Ogasawara OGS Far East
467   Shoni SHN Far East
468   Satake STK Far East
469   Toki TKI Far East
470   Utsunomiya UTN Far East
471   Tsutsui TTI Far East
472   Mongolia KHA Mongolia
473   Khmer KHM Indochina
474   Korea KOR Far East
475   Lan Na LNA Indochina
476   Luang Prabang LUA Indochina   Releasable
477   Lan Xang LXA Indochina
478   Majapahit MAJ East Indies
479   Manchu MCH Manchuria   Formable
480   Makassar MKS East Indies
481   Malacca MLC East Indies
482   Ming MNG China
483   Mataram MTR East Indies   Revolter
484   Oirat OIR Mongolia
485   Pattani PAT East Indies
486   Pegu PEG Indochina
487   Qing QNG Manchuria   Formable
488   Ryukyu RYU Far East
489   Shan SST Indochina   Formable
490   Sukhothai SUK Indochina
491   Sulu SUL East Indies
492   Taungu TAU Indochina
493   Tibet TIB Tibet   Formable
494   Tonkin TOK Indochina   Releasable
495   Vientiane VIE Indochina   Revolter
496   Zhou CZH China   Revolter
497   Shun CSH China   Releasable
498   Xi CXI China   Releasable
499   Yuan YUA Mongolia   Formable
500   Tungning FRM Far East Appears by event
501   Ilkhanate ILK Persia   Formable
502   Kalmyk KLM Pontic Steppe Appears by event
503   Mongol Empire MGE Mongolia   Formable
504   So SOO Far East
505   Nivkh NVK Manchuria
506   Solon SOL Manchuria
507   Donghai EJZ Manchuria
508   Udege NHX Manchuria
509   Yeren MYR Manchuria
510   Haixi MHX Manchuria
511   Jianzhou MJZ Manchuria
512   Korchin KRC Mongolia
513   Khalkha KLK Mongolia   Revolter
514   Kara Del HMI Mongolia
515   Dzungar ZUN Mongolia   Revolter
516   Yarkand KAS Central Asia
517   Chahar CHH Mongolia   Releasable
518   Khoshuud KSD Tibet   Revolter
519   Sarig Yogir SYG Tibet
520   Tsang UTS Tibet
521   Kham KAM Tibet
522   Guge GUG Tibet
523   U PHA Tibet
524   Dali CDL China   Releasable
525   Yi CYI China   Releasable
526   Miao CMI China   Releasable
527   Min MIN China   Releasable
528   Yue YUE China   Releasable
529   Shu SHU China   Releasable
530   Ning NNG China   Releasable
531   Chu CHC China   Releasable
532   Tang TNG China   Releasable
533   Wu WUU China   Releasable
534   Qi QIC China   Releasable
535   Yan YAN China   Releasable
536   Jin JIN China   Releasable
537   Liang LNG China   Releasable
538   Qin QIN China   Releasable
539   Huai HUA China   Releasable
540   Changsheng CGS Indochina   Releasable
541   Baluchistan BAL Persia
542   Bengal BNG India
543   Bijapur BIJ India   Releasable
544   Bahmanis BAH India
545   Delhi DLH India   Formable (exists in 1444)
546   Golkonda GOC India   Releasable
547   Deccan DEC India   Formable
548   Marathas MAR India   Formable
549   Mughals MUG India   Formable
550   Mysore MYS India
551   Vijayanagar VIJ India
552   Ahmednagar AHM India   Releasable
553   Assam ASS India
554   Gujarat GUJ India
555   Jaunpur JNP India
556   Madurai MAD India
557   Malwa MLW India
558   Marwar MAW India   Releasable
559   Mewar MER India
560   Multan MUL India
561   Nagpur NAG India   Formable
562   Nepal NPL India   Formable
563   Orissa ORI India   Formable (exists in 1444)
564   Punjab PUN India   Formable /   Releasable
565   Sindh SND India
566   Berar BRR India   Releasable
567   Jangladesh JAN India
568   Carnatic KRK India   Releasable
569   Garha GDW India
570   Garjat GRJ India
571   Gwalior GWA India
572   Dhundhar DHU India
573   Kashmir KSH India
574   Keladi KLN India   Releasable
575   Khandesh KHD India
576   Oudh ODH India   Releasable
577   Venad VND India
578   Calicut MAB India
579   Mewat MEW India
580   Baroda BDA India   Revolter
581   Bastar BST India
582   Bhutan BHU Tibet   Releasable
583   Bundelkhand BND India
584   Kotte CEY India
585   Jaisalmer JSL India
586   Kachar KAC Indochina
587   Koch KMT India
588   Kangra KGR India
589   Kutch KAT India
590   Kochin KOC India
591   Manipur MLB Indochina
592   Hadoti HAD India
593   Nagaur NGA India
594   Rohilkhand RMP India   Releasable
595   Ladakh LDK India
596   Baghelkhand BGL India
597   Jaffna JFN India
598   Patiala PTA India   Releasable
599   Garhwal GHR India
600   Chanda CHD India
601   Jharkhand NGP India
602   Habsan JAJ India   Revolter (more likely by an event)
603   Tirhut TRT India
604   Rewa Kantha CMP India
605   Baglana BGA India
606   Tripura TPR Indochina
607   Sadiya SDY India
608   Bharat BHA India   Formable
609   Andhra YOR India
610   Maldives DGL India
611   Bishnupur MBL India
612   Sikkim SKK India   Releasable
613   Idar IDR India
614   Jhalavad JLV India
615   Palitana PTL India
616   Navanagar NVR India   Releasable
617   Rajkot RJK India   Releasable
618   Junagarh JGD India
619   Porbandar PRB India
620   Kalinjar PAN India
621   Kalpi KLP India
622   Sambalpur SBP India   Releasable
623   Patna PTT India
624   Ratanpur RTT India
625   Kalahandi KLH India
626   Keonhjar KJH India
627   Parlakhimidi PRD India
628   Jeypore JPR India
629   Surguja SRG India   Releasable
630   Kandy KND India
631   Telingana TLG India
632   Kolathunad KLT India
633   Dang DNG India
634   Doti DTI India
635   Gorkha GRK India
636   Jumla JML India
637   Limbuwan LWA India
638   Makwanpur MKP India   Releasable
639   Sirmur SRM India
640   Kathmandu KTU India
641   Kumaon KMN India
642   Gingee GNG India   Releasable
643   Tanjore TNJ India   Releasable
644   Sirhind SRH India
645   Rajputana RJP India   Formable
646   Bar BAR France   Releasable
647   Lübeck HSA Germany
648   Smolensk SMO Eastern Europe   Releasable
649   Nizhny Novgorod NZH Russia   Releasable
650   Jerusalem KOJ Middle East   Formable
651   Malaya MSA East Indies   Formable
652   Hindustan HIN India   Formable
653   Abenaki ABE North America
654   Apache APA North America
655   Assiniboine ASI North America
656   Blackfoot BLA North America
657   Caddo CAD North America
658   Chickasaw CHI North America
659   Choctaw CHO North America
660   Cheyenne CHY North America
661   Comanche COM North America
662   Fox FOX North America
663   Illiniwek ILL North America
664   Lenape LEN North America
665   Mahican MAH North America
666   Mikmaq MIK North America
667   Miami MMI North America
668   Navajo NAH North America
669   Ojibwe OJI North America
670   Osage OSA North America
671   Ottawa OTT North America
672   Pawnee PAW North America
673   Pequot PEQ North America
674   Pima PIM North America
675   Potawatomi POT North America
676   Powhatan POW North America
677   Pueblo PUE North America
678   Shoshone SHO North America
679   Sioux SIO North America
680   Susquehannock SUS North America
681   Cree WCR North America
682   Air AIR West Africa
683   Bonoman BON West Africa
684   Dahomey DAH West Africa
685   Dagbon DGB West Africa
686   Fulo FUL West Africa   Revolter (more likely by an event)
687   Jenné JNN West Africa
688   Kano KAN West Africa
689   Kaabu KBU West Africa   Releasable
690   Kong KNG West Africa
691   Katsina KTS West Africa
692   Mossi MSI West Africa
693   Nupe NUP West Africa
694   Timbuktu TMB West Africa
695   Yao YAO West Africa
696   Yatenga YAT West Africa   Releasable
697   Macina ZAF West Africa
698   Zazzau ZZZ West Africa
699   Ndongo NDO Kongo
700   Ava AVA Indochina
701   Hsenwi HSE Indochina
702   Johor JOH East Indies   Releasable
703   Kedah KED East Indies
704   Ligor LIG East Indies
705   Muan Phuang MPH Indochina   Releasable
706   Mong Yang MYA Indochina
707   Perak PRK East Indies   Releasable
708   Mong Mao MMA Indochina
709   Mong Kawng MKA Indochina
710   Mong Pai MPA Indochina
711   Mong Nai MNI Indochina
712   Kale KAL Indochina
713   Hsipaw HSI Indochina
714   Prome BPR Indochina
715   Chukchi CHU Siberia
716   Khodynt HOD Siberia
717   Chavchuveny CHV Siberia
718   Kamchadals KMC Siberia
719   Buryatia BRT Siberia   Revolter
720   Arapaho ARP North America
721   Colima CLM Central America
722   Chinook CNK North America
723   Cocomes COC Central America
724   Haida HDA North America
725   Itza ITZ Central America
726   Kiche KIC Central America
727   Kiowa KIO North America
728   Mixtec MIX Central America
729   Salish SAL North America
730   Tarascan TAR Central America
731   Tlapanec TLA Central America
732   Tlaxcala TLX Central America
733   Totonac TOT Central America
734   Wichita WIC North America
735   Xiu XIU Central America
736   Blambangan BLM East Indies   Revolter
737   Buton BTN East Indies
738   Cirebon CRB East Indies   Revolter
739   Demak DMK East Indies   Revolter
740   Pagarruyung PGR East Indies
741   Palembang PLB East Indies
742   Pasai PSA East Indies
743   Siak SAK East Indies
744   Sunda SUN East Indies
745   Kutai KUT East Indies
746   Banjar BNJ East Indies   Revolter
747   Lanfang LFA East Indies   Revolter
748   Lanao LNO East Indies   Releasable
749   Luwu LUW East Indies
750   Maguindanao MGD East Indies
751   Ternate TER East Indies
752   Tidore TID East Indies
753   Madyas MAS East Indies
754   Pangasinan PGS East Indies
755   Tondo TDO East Indies
756   Maynila MNA East Indies
757   Cebu CEB East Indies
758   Butuan BTU East Indies
759   Cusco CSU South America
760   Calchaqui CCQ South America
761   Mapuche MPC South America
762   Muisca MCA South America
763   Quito QTO South America
764   Cajamarca CJA South America
765   Huyla HJA South America
766   Potiguara PTG South America
767   Tupiniquim TPQ South America
768   Tupinamba TPA South America
769   Tapuia TUA South America
770   Guarani GUA South America
771   Charrua CUA South America
772   Wanka WKA South America
773   Chachapoya CYA South America
774   Colla CLA South America
775   Charca CRA South America
776   Pacajes PCJ South America
777   Arawak ARW South America
778   Carib CAB South America
779   Ichma ICM South America
780   Matlatzinca MAT Central America
781   Coixtlahuaca COI Central America
782   Teotitlan TEO Central America
783   Xalisco XAL Central America
784   Guamar GAM Central America
785   Huastec HST Central America
786   Chichimeca CCM Central America
787   Otomi OTO Central America
788   Yokotan YOK Central America
789   Tzotzil LAC Central America
790   Kaqchikel KAQ Central America
791   Chactemal CTM Central America
792   Keres KER North America
793   Zuni ZNI Central America
794   Mescalero MSC North America
795   Lipan LIP North America
796   Chorti CHT Central America
797   Miskito MIS Central America
798   Tairona TAI South America
799   Can Pech CNP Central America
800   Tonala TON Central America
801   Yaqui YAQ North America
802   Yokuts YKT North America
803   New Providence NSS Caribbeans Appears by event
804   Port Royal PRY Caribbeans Appears by event
805   Tortuga TOR Caribbeans Appears by event
806   Libertatia LIB South Africa Appears by event
807   Munich UBV Germany
808   Landshut LBV Germany
809   Ingolstadt ING Germany
810   Passau PSS Germany
811   Bregenz MBZ Germany
812   Konstanz KNZ Germany
813   Rothenburg ROT Germany
814   Bayreuth BYT Germany
815   Regensburg REG Germany
816   Geneva GNV Germany
817   Three Leagues TTL Germany
818   Opole OPL Eastern Europe
819   Glogow GLG Eastern Europe
820   Bologna BLG Italy
821   Padua PDV Italy   Releasable
822   Saluzzo SZO Italy
823   Spoleto SPL Italy   Releasable
824   Wolgast WOL Germany
825   Stettin STE Germany
826   Goslar GOS Germany
827   Lusatia SOR Germany   Releasable
828   Rügen RUG Germany   Releasable
829   Cilli CLI Germany
830   Herzegovina HRZ Balkans
831   Trent TNT Germany
832   Berg BRG Germany
833   Mulhouse MLH Germany
834   Bamberg BAM Germany
835   Ruppin RUP Germany   Releasable
836   Lippe LPP Germany


837   Paderborn PAD Germany   Releasable
838   Calenberg CLB Germany   Releasable
839   Donauwörth DWT Germany   Releasable
840   Osnabrück OSN Germany   Releasable
841   Verona VRN Italy   Releasable
842   Coburg COB Germany   Releasable
843   Lotharingia LOT Germany   Formable
844   Perugia PGA Italy
845   Two Sicilies TTS Italy   Formable
846   Franconia FKN Germany   Formable
847   Swabia SWA Germany   Formable
848   Jan Mayen JMN Special country (can be spawned only with console)
849   Roman Empire ROM   Formable
850   Synthetics SYN Special country (can be spawned only with console)
  Jomsvikings JOM Special country (available with the CK2 converter)
  Hashashin HAH Special country (available with the CK2 converter)
  Israel ISR Special country (available with the CK2 converter)
  Knights Templar TEM Special country (available with the CK2 converter)
  Trapalanda TRL Special country (available with the CK2 converter)


  1. See tag order as listed in the /Europa Universalis IV/common/country tags/00_countries.txt file.
  2. See /Europa Universalis IV/common/defines.lua for details.