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Rooting out corruption.

Corruption.png Corruption measures a country's bureaucratic morality throughout the ranks. A country with high corruption suffers widely from embezzlement and loss of the leader's authority, while a country with no corruption is free to prosper. Unlike inflation, corruption does not directly affect monetary costs, instead affecting other areas of the state (though it may indirectly affect income due to raising the local autonomy floor of provinces).

Effects[edit | edit source]

Effects of 100 corruption:[1]

Foreign spy detection.png −25% Foreign spy detection
Spy network construction.png −50% Spy network construction
All power costs.png +100% All power costs
Minimum autonomy.png 50% Minimum autonomy
National unrest.png −20% National unrest
Mandate.png −1% Mandate growth modifier
Brahmins loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Brahmins loyalty equilibrium
Clergy loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Clergy loyalty equilibrium
Marathas loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Marathas loyalty equilibrium
Nobility loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Nobility loyalty equilibrium
Burghers loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Burghers loyalty equilibrium
Vaishyas loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Vaishyas loyalty equilibrium
Cossacks loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Cossacks loyalty equilibrium
Tribes loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Tribes loyalty equilibrium
Dhimmi loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Dhimmi loyalty equilibrium
Jains loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Jains loyalty equilibrium
Rajputs loyalty equilibrium.png +10% Rajputs loyalty equilibrium
Chance of new heir.png +0.025 Monthly heir claim increase

Eliminating corruption enables beneficial Corruption events, while increasing corruption enables increasingly bad events. Corruption also increases the amount of monarch power which can be stored at the same level as the respective power cost increase.

Increased by[edit | edit source]

  • Overextension.png +0.005% per year for every point of Overextension, +0.5% per year at 100% overextension.
  • Religious unity.png +0.001% per year for every point of religious unity below 100%, +0.1% per year at 0% religious unity.
  • Technology.png +0.5% max per year for unbalanced research. Applies only with tech level difference of 3 and above.
  • Parliament.png +0.1 per year for not having an active debate in Parliament.
  • Corruption.png +2% immediately by “Debasing Currency” (only with Rights of Man.png Rights of Man).
  • Corruption.png +1% max perPossible Manchu banners.pngBanners regiment raised, divided by country's force limit (only with Mandate of Heaven.png Mandate of Heaven).

Decreased by[edit | edit source]

  • Stability.png -0.02% per point of stability per year
  • Local tax modifier.png Maximum of -1% per year for “rooting out corruption”, which is controlled with a maintenance slider on the economy tab. Reducing corruption costs 0.05 Gold Icon.png ducats per month per total effective development (which is modified by autonomy) for maximum effect. (This can be lowered if the player chooses, although reducing expenditure will decrease the corruption reduction proportionally.)
  • Diplomatic technology.png -0.05% per year for being ahead of time in diplomatic technology.
  • Administrative technology.png -0.05% per year for being ahead of time in administrative technology.
  • Corruption.png −0.05% per year as Zoroastrianism.png Zoroastrian nation with the active ritual 'Yasna' (only with Rights of Man.png Rights of Man).
  • Corruption.png −0.50% per year as Confucianism Confucian nation with 100 harmony (only with Mandate of Heaven.png Mandate of Heaven).
  • Corruption.png -2.00% With using Islamic nation’s "Enforce Faithful Adherence" while having 75 or more Piety piety.