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Possible if
Achieved if

The player's country:

Forced a Country to revoke 5 Cores in one peace deal.

Core-fu is an achievement that requires the player to revoke five or more cores in a single peace deal as Corfu. Corfu doesn't exist in 1444, but it can be released from its core province Corfu which is owned by Flag of Venice Venice, thus it's highly recommended to start as Venice in 1444 for a quick achievement run.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The achievement can be completed in just a few wars, without having to fight a single battle. Because you want to revoke Venice's cores during your war for independence, some preparations are needed.

First two wars[edit | edit source]

Venice starts with a non-owned core on Lezhë but may transfer it to Corfu when released so you need to abandon 5 non-Venetian culture provinces beforehand. First, fabricate a claim on Flag of Croatia Croatia and declare a conquest war as soon as possible. You want Flag of Hungary Hungary to occupy and transfer the occupation of the 3 provinces bordering Croatia. In the peace deal, offer those provinces and whatever is needed to reach the war score but do not return Flag of Milan Milan's cores. Then, declare a no-CB war on Flag of Milan Milan's ally (or Milan itself if you wait for the truce to expire) and again, wait for your enemy to occupy and transfer the occupation of the 2 provinces Milan has a core on. In the peace deal, offer those provinces and whatever is needed to reach the war score. Be careful to use the Cede Province tab in the peace deal, as Return Core will also destroy Venice's core. You can mothball forts in those provinces to make the wars faster.

Releasing Corfu[edit | edit source]

To make your war against Flag of Venice Venice a little easier, you can choose to cripple its economy: delete your army and navy, take loans, spend money on advisers and use your monarch points to develop in Corfu. You may also debase currency or destroy all your forts to make sure Venice won't fight back later. Then, release Corfu and select Play As.

Last war for independence[edit | edit source]

The truce will last for 5 years. During this time, try to hire a diplo rep adviser, build an army up to force limit, 1 or 2 boats, and improve relations with any country which is a rival or hostile towards Venice. Most likely, countries in Balkans (Flag of Serbia Serbia, Flag of Bosnia Bosnia, Flag of Ottomans Ottomans) or Italy (Flag of Genoa Genoa, Flag of Savoy Savoy, Flag of Naples Naples). When you are strong enough to take on Flag of Venice Venice with your allies, declare war, sit back and let them fight for you. In the peace deal, your goal is to revoke Flag of Venice Venice's cores on the 5 provinces you gave to Flag of Milan Milan and Flag of Croatia Croatia.

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