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This page deals with commands used in the console. For the modding term, see effects.

This page lists the codes which may be input into the Console Window, a special debugging window which may be accessed on non-ironman games by pressing ⇧Shift+2, Alt+2+1, ⇧Shift+3,§, ~, ^, °, ², or ` (key varies based on keyboard layout). Press the up or down arrow keys to traverse through previously executed commands. Press ⇆Tab after entering the beginning of a command to autocomplete it or display which commands start with the entered sequence. Many codes can be turned off by repeating the command, but sometimes reloading the save or exiting the game is necessary. Adding a | and a filename to the end of a console command, writes the output of the command to the specified file in the game installation folder.

Commonly used[edit | edit source]

Command Effect
cash (Insert Number) [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Extra Money (if not specified, gives 5000)
manpower (Insert Number) [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Extra manpower (in thousands)
sailors (Insert Number) [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Extra sailors
prestige [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds prestige. Gives 5 prestige if no amount is given.
legitimacy [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Sets the legitimacy of the current ruler
adm [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get administrative power points (if not specified, gives 999)
dip [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get diplomatic power points (if not specified, gives 999)
mil [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get military power points (if not specified, gives 999)
powerpoints [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get power in all powers.
Maximizes monarch points if no number specified.
yesman Toggle AI diplomatic responses (on: always accept; off: normal response)
fow Toggles fog of war on/off
ti Toggles terra incognita on/off
debug_mode Displays province ID, country tag, and border distance when mousing over provinces.
splendor ability can be gained.
assimilate [<Province>] [<Tag> OPTIONAL] Change ownership, core, set culture and religion.

List of commands[edit | edit source]

DLC Command Description
absolutism [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds Absolutism to the player
Common Sense.png add_backer [<prov id>] The province becomes a backer of the current issue in the parliament.
add_baseunrest [<Province ID>] [<Base Unrest>] Adds base unrest to a province
add_cardinal Adds 1 new cardinal to a Catholic nation.
add_cb [<casus belli tag>] [<target country tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL] Add casus belli against target country
add_claim [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Add claim
add_colonist [<Country tag>] Adds a colonist to a country.
Rights of Man.png add_consort [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL] [<Origin Country Tag> OPTIONAL] Adds a consort from a tag
add_core [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Add core
add_devastation [<Province ID>] [<Devastation>] Adds devastation to a province
add_diplo [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds diplomatic enroute
add_faction [<factionname>] Adds a Faction to your country
  • Celestial Empire Factions: temples / enuchs / bureaucrats
  • Merchant Republic Factions: mr_aristocrats / mr_traders / mr_guilds
  • Revolutionary Republic Factions: rr_jacobins / rr_royalists / rr_girondists
  • Pirate Republic Factions: pr_buccaneers / pr_smugglers / pr_captains
add_heir [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL] Adds an heir (The current heir is immediately killed.)
add_idea_group [<Idea group key>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds the specified idea group
add_interest [<Country tag>] Add specified country tag to your interest
Common Sense.png add_issue [<issue tag>] Adds issue to a parliament.
add_liberty_desire [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Add liberty desire to the player
add_local_autonomy [<Province ID>] [<Amount>] Adds local autonomy to a province
add_loyalty [<Target Estate>] [<Amount>] Adds loyalty to target estate
The estates have the following identifier:
  • estate_church
  • estate_nobles
  • estate_burghers
  • estate_cossacks
  • estate_nomadic_tribes
  • estate_dhimmi
  • estate_brahmins
  • estate_maratha
  • estate_vaisyas
  • estate_jains
  • estate_rajput
add_missionary [<Country tag>] Sets missionary count to 1
add_natives [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>] Add natives to given province (100× [<Amount>])
add_opinion [<Actor Country tag>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Add opinion to/from tag
add_pa [<Country tag>] Add patriarch authority to tag
add_permanent_claim [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Add permanent claim
add_pi [<Country tag>] Add papal influence to tag
add_prosperity [<Province ID>] [<Prosperity>] Adds prosperity to a province's state.
add_republican_tradition [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get republican tradition
Emperor add_to_curia_treasury [<money>] Add money to the Curia Treasury
Rights of Man.png add_trait [<personality tag>, <heir> OPTIONAL, <consort> OPTIONAL] Add ruler personality
add_unrest [<CID Type>] [<CID Index>] [<Unrest>] Adds unrest to a faction
adm [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get administrative power (default value: 999)
admiral [<fire>] [<shock>] [<maneuver>] [<siege>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Create an admiral
Mandate of Heaven.png age [X] Sets the age of the game: 0 is Age of Discovery,1 is Age of Reformation,2 is Age of Absolutism and 3 is Age of Revolution.
Rights of Man.png age_consort [<age> <Country tag> OPTIONAL] Set consorts age
age_heir [<age> <Country tag> OPTIONAL] Set heirs age
age_ruler [<age> <Country tag> OPTIONAL] Set rulers age
ai(ai) [<Target Country Tag>] Enables/Disables AI for all nations or a specific tag
ai_army_tick [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] [<File name for logging> OPTIONAL] Makes ai reevaluate all army movements
ai_budget [<tag> OPTIONAL] prints AI budgeting information. Note: the commands always prints the information for the current country. The optional tag argument doesn't work
ai_minister [<0 = army, 1 = diplomacy, 2 = trade>] Enables/Disables specific AI ministers
ai_plan_regions [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Makes ai reevaluate all region assignments
aiinvalid Print invalid AI command counts to ai.log
aiview Toggles additional AI info
annex [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL] Annexes the specified tag without adding cores
Cradle of Civilization.png army_drill [<AMOUNT [0.0, 100.0]>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Sets drill for all your subunits
Cradle of Civilization.png army_professionalism [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Sets army professionalism for the target country (default value: 100)
army_tradition [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds army tradition to the target country (default value: 50)
assert [] Asserts trigger (otherwise causes test failure)
assimilate [<Province>] [<Tag> OPTIONAL] Change ownership, core, set culture and religion
El Dorado.png authority [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Add to a country's authority (Inti religion)
autosave Triggers an autosave.
balance Balance data dumped to game.log, with regions (development,number of provinces) and countries (tax, manpower, development, number of forts).
bearhaslanded [<Province ID> OPTIONAL] An unwise command to use
Spawns Jan Mayen.
bird_mana [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get diplomatic power (default value: 999)
Wealth of Nations.png canals Debug canals on map
cash [<Amount> OPTIONAL] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds ducats to the treasury. Default is 5000 ducats.
center_of_trade(cot) [CoT Level] [<Province ID>] Create or upgrade/downgrade a center of trade.
change_culture_court [<ruler/heir/consort/admadv/dipadv/miladv>] [<Culture>] Changes the culture of a court member.
change_religion [<province ID>/<Target Country tag>] [<religion>] Change religion of a province or country. If no province id or tag is specified, the state religion of the current country is changed. If only a province id is specified the religion of the province is changed to the state religion of the current country
The religions have the following identifier:
  • Catholic: catholic
  • Protestant: protestant
  • Hussite: hussite
  • Reformed: reformed
  • Anglican: anglican
  • Orthodox: orthodox
  • Coptic: coptic
  • Sunni: sunni
  • Shia: shiite
  • Ibadi: ibadi
  • Theravada: buddhism
  • Vajrayana: vajrayana
  • Mahayana: mahayana
  • Confucian: confucianism
  • Shinto: shinto
  • Hindu: hinduism
  • Sikh: sikhism
  • Animist: animism
  • Fetishist: shamanism
  • Totemist: totemism
  • Inti: inti
  • Nahuatl: nahuatl
  • Mayan: mesoamerican_religion
  • Norse: norse_pagan_reformed
  • Tengri: tengri_pagan_reformed
  • Jewish: jewish
  • Zoroastrian: zoroastrian
Additional religions in converted CK2 games:
  • Nestorian: nestorian
  • Fraticelli: fraticelli
  • Cathar: cathar
  • Messalian: messalian
  • Waldensian: waldensian
  • Lollard: lollard
  • Monophysite: monophysite
  • Bogomilist: bogomilist
  • Monothelite: monothelite
  • Iconoclast: iconoclast
  • Paulician: paulician
  • Zikri: zikri
  • Yazidi: yazidi
  • Kharijite: kharijite
  • Druze: druze
  • Hurufi: hurufi
  • Mazdaki: mazdaki
  • Manichean: manichean
  • Samaritan: samaritan_faith
  • Karaite: karaite_faith
  • Jainism: jain
  • Romuva: baltic_pagan_reformed
  • Hellenic: hellenic_pagan
  • Slavic: slavic_pagan_reformed
  • Suomenusko: finnish_pagan_reformed
  • Zunist: zun_pagan_reformed
  • Bön: bon
change_religion_court [<ruler/heir/consort/admadv/dipadv/miladv>] [<Religion>] Changes the religion of a court member.
check_save Check save and load persistence
Common Sense.pngRule Britannia.pngEmperor church_power [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds church power to the player (Protestant, Anglican, Hussite and Jewish religion)
clear Clears the console
clearae [<Against Country Tag>, <By Country Tag (empty for all)>] Clears Aggressive Expansion
clearreforms [Target tag <optional>] Removes all government reforms
Rights of Man.png clr_consort_flag [<Tag>] [<Flag>] Clears a flag from a consort
clr_flag [<Flag>] Clears a global flag
clr_prov_flag [<Flag>] [<Province>] Clears a flag from a province
collision(debug_collision) Toggles debug display of normals/bounding boxes/collision
colonize [<province ID/colonial region>] Colonizes and cores an unsettled province (and gets some prestige). The province retains its original culture and religion.
Note: Works also for settled provinces and keeps any previous owner's core.

Also works for entire colonial regions at once, as listed in 00_colonial_regions.txt:

  • colonial_alaska
  • colonial_australia
  • colonial_brazil
  • colonial_california
  • colonial_canada
  • colonial_colombia
  • colonial_eastern_america
  • colonial_la_plata
  • colonial_louisiana
  • colonial_mexico
  • colonial_peru
  • colonial_the_carribean
combat_dice [number] Fixes combat dice to a number you specify. -1 gives random dicerolls like normal.
combatsound How often does the combat view give a random sound? 0-50
control(controll) [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Change controller
corrupt [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Sets the corruption of the country to the given amount.
country_modifier [<country tag>] [<Modifier type>] Show country modifier values.
CrashReporter.DeleteCrashData [<days>] Delete local crash dumps older than X days.
CrashReporter.SimulateCrash Simulates a crash (resulting in the game exiting).
CrashReporter.UploadCrash Upload the latest crash dump.
create_march [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL] The specified tag becomes a march (of the actor country).
ct Puts timer info in clipboard
culture [<Province ID>] Changes culture on a province to your primary culture
cv Prints the game version, and copies to clipboard.
date [date in format] Changes current date
debug_achievements Enables popups for achievements to debug them. When this command is used, it activates the ingame achievement list and makes its icon look like an ironman game. The list will show all achievements for which the starting conditions were fulfilled at the moment when the command was used(this differs from the behavior in an ironman game which only checks the conditions at the start of the campaign).
debug_achievements_clear Clear all achievements and user stats. Warning: Do not use this command, because it removes all the earned achievements from steam account (and other stores)
debug_budgetall [<tag>] Will log income and expenditure for all countries. This will result in large files and a slower game!
debug_budgettag [<tag>] Will log income and expenditure for a tag
debug_crownland [<tag>] Will log the change in crownland for a tag
debug_info Toggles Debug info
debug_mode Makes some debug features available. Displays province ID, country tag, and border distance when mousing over provinces. Also shows event ids and AI weight in the tooltip for event options.
debug_nogui Toggles GUI on/off
debug_reload_areas Reload map areas
debug_reload_regions Reload map regions
declare_war [<attacker tag>] [<defender tag>] [<call willing allies>] Declares war between two nations (no CB)
delete_wars [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Delete wars without removing truces
devotion [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Set the devotion of a theocracy
die(kill) [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL] The ruler (of the specified country) is killed.
dip [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get diplomatic power (default value: 999)
diplocount Prints out global diploaction statistics to game.log
diplomacy_info Print summary information about currently active diplomatic relations. to console
disaster [disaster_key] Adds 100 progress to a disaster
discover [<Province ID>] or [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL] Discover province or capital of target tag
El Dorado.png doom [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Add to a country's doom (Nahuatl religion)
echo [Echo] Echoes the arguments in the console (also useful for commenting script files)
economy [] Prints out global economy statistics to game.log
embrace [<Province ID>] [<institution name> optional] Embraces an institutions in a province. If left blank, all institutions will be embraced.
The institution has the following identifier:
  • Feudalism: feudalism
  • Renaissance: renaissance
  • Colonialism: new_world_i
  • Printing Press: printing_press
  • Global Trade: global_trade
  • Manufactories: manufactories
  • Enlightenment: enlightenment
  • Industrialization: industrialization
enable_all_commands [] Seems to have no effect in the release version of the game. It just prints Not Successful
enable_game_controller Enables/disables support for game controller
epicfail [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL] Makes all spies of target country fail
estate_agenda [<name>] Start a estate agenda
event [event id] [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL] [<Option id> OPTIONAL] Executes an event
exhaust [<Amount>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Alter your war exhaustion
fast_colonize Toggles the fast colonize cheat.(affects AI as well)
fast_diplo Ignore the date check for enroute diplomats
The Cossacks.png favors [<Target Country tag>] [<Amount>] Adds favors with target country
Wealth of Nations.png fervor [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds fervor to the player (Reformed religion)
Conquest of Paradise.png federation_cohesion [<Amount>] Will change federation cohesion by given value (Native Council federations)
findcommands [<Search string>] Finds console commands
flagship_galley [<Ship Name>] [<Ability 1>] [<Ability 2>] [<Ability 3>] Creates a galley as flagship. Abilities are:
  • Captain's Log: captains_log
  • Command Aftercastle: command_aftercastle
  • Dutch Courage: dutch_courage
  • Flag Officers: flag_officers
  • Flagship: base_flagship_modification
  • Hull Sheathing: hull_sheating
  • Improved Crow's Nest: improved_crows_nest
  • Integrated Marines: integrated_marines
  • Mass Load Cannons: mass_load_cannons
  • Mortars: mortars
  • Portuguese Bombardier: portuguese_bombardier
  • Portuguese Fusiliers: portuguese_corps_of_fusiliers
  • Portuguese Navigators: portuguese_navigators
  • Portuguese Trade Route Map: portuguese_trade_route_map
  • Scandinavian Flag Officers: scandinavian_flag_officers
  • Spanish Grand Armada: spanish_grand_armada
  • Spanish Mass Load Cannons: spanish_mass_load_cannons
  • Spanish Treasury Convoy: spanish_treasure_fleet
  • Spare Jolly Roger: spare_jolly_roger
  • Standardized Signal Book: standardized_signal_book
  • Trade Route Map: trade_route_map
flagship_heavy [<Ship Name>] [<Ability 1>] [<Ability 2>] [<Ability 3>] Creates a heavy ship as flagship. See flagship_galley for a list of abilities.
flagship_light [<Ship Name>] [<Ability 1>] [<Ability 2>] [<Ability 3>] Creates a light ship as flagship. See flagship_galley for a list of abilities.
form_union [<Country tag>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Forms Union with target
fow (debug_fow) [<Province ID> OPTIONAL] Turns off fog of war in a province or in general
frenzy Force enable Great Power frenzy!!!
frenzy_off Force disable Great Power frenzy!!!
fullscreen Toggles fullscreen
gamespeed(speed) [(0-5)] Set the current game speed, pausing the game at speed 0.
Leviathan.png great_project [<great project tag>] Create or destroy a great project
god godmode on/off. One effect is that a battle is automatically won after the first day.
Mandate of Heaven.png golden_age [<Country tag>] Starts a golden age in that country.
Third Rome.pngCradle of Civilization.png government_power(russian) [<Amount> OPTIONAL] Grants full government ability points or specified amount.
Works for Russian government types added in Third Rome (e.g. Principality/Tsardom) as well as governments added/updated in Cradle of Civilization (e.g. Mamluk)
Mandate of Heaven.png harmonization [<AMOUNT [0, 100]>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Sets to country's Harmonization progress (Confucian religion)
Mandate of Heaven.png harmony [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Add to a country's Harmony (Confucian religion)
heir_history [] Prints out heir history
help [command name] Print out all console commands or a specific command description.
helphelp Displays “No help for you!” in the command box
helplog Print out all console commands to game.log file.
highlight_islands [<threshold>] Highlights provinces that would trigger the Province is on an island condition if SIZE_LIMIT_FOR_ISLANDS in defines.lua would be set to the specified threshold
The Cossacks.png horde_unity [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Set the unity of a horde
ideadump Dump all countries that have generic national ideas to game.log
imperial_authority [<Amount>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Increases the imperial authority of the emperor.
Emperor imperial_incident [<name>] Start an imperial incident
Mandate of Heaven.png incident [<IncidentTag>, <CountryTag> OPTIONAL] Trigger an incident for a country. (Shinto religion)
infinite_combat Combat doesn't cause damage anymore.
inflation [<Amount>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Changes inflation of the country
Rule Britannia.png innovativeness [<Amount> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Add Innovativeness (Default is 100)
Dharma.png insult [Sender Country tag] [Receiver Country tag] [Insult Index/Key] Sends a scornful insult from sender to receiver.
integrate [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL] Integrates the specified tag into actor's country (adds cores)
invasion_target [<Province ID>] Force sets AI invasion target to province
Dharma.png invest [Investment Key] [Province ID] Toggles a Trade Company Investment defined by investment key in Trade Company defined by Province ID
Common Sense.png isolationism [level] Set your isolation level (Shinto religion)
Common Sense.png karma [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds karma to the player (Buddhist religions)
kill_advisors [<Country tag>] Kills all advisors in the court and from the pool
kill_cardinal [<Countrytag> OPTIONAL] Kills first cardinal in the list
Rights of Man.png kill_consort [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL] Kills your consort
kill_heir [<Target Country Tag> OPTIONAL] Kills the heir of a tag
kill_leader Kill a random leader with given death cause
landing_page [<dlc_key>] Show Red Queen dlc landing page. The DLC keys can be found in the file name section of the DLC page
leader [<fire>] [<shock>] [<maneuver>] [<siege>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Creates a general with the given values.
leak Leaks memory
leak_gpu [Chunk size (bytes)] [Number of Chunks] Leaks GPU memory
legitimacy [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Set the legitimacy of the ruler
low_memory Simulates a low memory alert and tries to reduce memory usage
lucky [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Toggles lucky nation status.
make_subject [<Tag>] [<Overlord tag> OPTIONAL] [<Subject type>] Make country a subject
Mandate of Heaven.png mandate [<Amount>] Changes mandate of the Emperor of China (to maximum without value).
manpower [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds manpower to pool (1000× [<Amount>]) (default 50)
map_random [<seed=-1>] [<restore>] [<nosmooth>] [<nosmoothcoasts>] [<topology>] [<terrain>] [<colormap>] [<minimap>] [<rivers>] [<trees>] Randomize new world part of map (heightmap, terrain, ...)
map_vertextextures Toggle map rendering with vertex textures
mapmode [Mapmode type] Change map mode. Some special mapmodes are:
mapmode type description
aieval Seems to be an alias for armyeval
aihre Toggles an AI mapmode allowing the player to see the logistics behind whether or not the AI will join the HRE
buildingeval shows which buildings the AI would build in a province. Selecting a building in the macrobuilder shows the scores for that building
pathfind pathfinding information for the previously selected army towards the currently selected province
province_flags the tooltip shows otherwise hidden province flags and the date on which they were set
winterpower the tooltip shows a value for the winter
memory Prints out the used memory
Mandate of Heaven.png meritocracy [<AMOUNT>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Set the meritocracy of the Chinese Emperor
mil [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get military power (default value: 999)
mission [Mission identifier] Toggles mission completion
morehumans(humans) [num] Adds more humans
msg Toggles all messages popup
native_uprising [<ProvinceID>] Create native uprising in given province
navy_tradition [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds navy tradition to the specified country
nextsong Changes the currently playing soundtrack.
nopausetext Toggles the pausebanner for nicer screenshots.
norevolts Toggles revolts
nowar Toggles AI war declarations
observe(spectator) Switches to play no country at all, and no longer shows messages or pauses the game
observe_mode [] Changes to the observe mode
on_action [<Identifier>] Will run the giver on_action
oos Make the client go oos
own [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Change ownership
own_core [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Change ownership + add core
paper_mana [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get administrative power (default value: 999)
pass_next_reform [<reform key> OPTIONAL] Add reforms to empire. The reform keys are:
  • Call for Reichsreform: reichsreform / emperor_reichsreform
  • Institute Reichsregiment: reichsregiment / emperor_reichsregiment
  • Reform the Hofgericht: hofgericht / emperor_hofgericht
  • Enact Gemeiner Pfennig: gemeinerpfennig / emperor_gemeinerpfennig
  • Ewiger Landfriede: landfriede / emperor_landfriede
  • Proclaim Erbkaisertum: erbkaisertum / emperor_erbkaisertum
  • Revoke The Privilegia: privilegia_de_non_appelando / emperor_privilegia_de_non_appelando
  • Renovatio Imperii: renovatio / emperor_renovatio
  • Absolute Reichsstabilität: emperor_reichsstabilitaet
  • Perpetual Diet: emperor_perpetual_diet
  • Create the Landsknechtswesen: emperor_landsknechtswesen
  • Establish the Reichstag Collegia: emperor_reichstag_collegia
  • Expand the Gemeiner Pfennig: emperor_expand_gemeiner_pfennig
  • Embrace Rechenschaft Measures: emperor_rechenschaft
  • Geteilte Macht: emperor_geteilte_macht
  • Reichskrieg: emperor_reichskrieg
  • Curtail the Imperial Estates: emperor_imperial_estates
Emperor pick_golden_bull [<name>] Pick a golden bull
piety [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds piety. (Muslim religions) (default: +10)
pirate [<Province ID>] Starts a Pirate in a province
poll Polls valid Events
population [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>] Adds population to a province. (Only for colonies.)
popup_pause_all Sets all messages to popup and pause
power [<stability/tech_table_key/idea_key>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds the specified idea group
powerpoints [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get power in all powers.
Maximizes monarch points if no number specified.
powerspend [] Prints out global powerspend statistics to game.log
powerspend_count [] Prints out number of times powerspend was executed to game.log
prestige [<Amount>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Changes prestige of the specified country. (default value: +6)
prices Price Info to game.log
print_estate_land_share [<estate_type> [ <|> percent]] Prints estates (or crown) land shares
print_flags Prints global flags
print_modifiers(file) Print gamestate modifiers to a file
The file will be in \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\.
print_prov_flags [<Prov ID>] Prints province flags
PrintSynchStuff Prints random count and seed
province_modifier Show province modifier values.
reform [<Target Province ID>] Begin reformation in the specified province ID
reform_desire [[<value>]] Will add reform desire (don't you dare)
reformprogress [Points to add] [Target tag <optional>] Adds Government reform progress (Default is 500.)
refresh_knowledge [] Will recalc bunch of stuff like neighbours, idea rules, etc.
refreshknowledgecount [] Refresh knowledge perf couner
reinitchat [] Posts a CChatSyncAllCommand
Cradle of Civilization.png religious_school [School] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Sets religious school for target country
The religious schools have the following identifier:
  • hanafi_school
  • hanbali_school
  • maliki_school
  • shafii_school
  • ismaili_school
  • jafari_school
  • zaidi_school
reload [file name] Reloads the gui or lua file
reload_canals Reload the canal bitmaps
reload_heightmap Reloads the heightmap
reload_lakes Reloads the lakes
reload_map Reloads the map
reload_provincemap Reloads the provincemap
reload_straits Update strait vertex buffers
reload_treemap Reloads the treemap
reloadfx [Arguments: map/mapname/postfx or *.fx filename] Reloads the shader
reloadinterface Reloads the entire interface
reloadloc Reloads the localisation
reloadtexture [texture file name] Reloads the specified texture
reloadtradewinds Reloads trade winds
remove_cb [<casus belli tag>] [<target country tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL] Remove casus belli from target country
remove_claim [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Remove claim
remove_core [<Province ID>] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Remove core
remove_country [<Target Country Tag>] Obliterate a country from the map. All its provinces become uncolonized.
remove_defender_faith Removes the defender of the Faith for the players religion
remove_interest [<Country tag>] Removes specified country tag from your interest
remove_march [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL] Revokes march status of the specified country (with its normal effects).
remove_rival [<Country tag>] Removes a rival.
Rights of Man.png remove_trait [<personality tag>] Remove ruler personality.
rendertype Reports what render backend is used
repair [<Country tag>] Repairs all ships of country
reset_economy [] Resets global economy statistics
Wealth of Nations.png reset_god Resets personal deity
Conquest of Paradise.png reset_migrate Resets the time you'll have to wait until migration is allowed again.
reset_powerspend [] Resets global powerspend statistics
Common Sense.png reshuffle_seat_bribes Will reshuffle all the seat bribes
revolt [<Province ID>] Starts a Revolt in a province
revolution_target [<CountryTag>] Sets the revolution target.
rgb(rgb) [<Amount>] Prints desired amount of random color values to game.log
run [] Runs effects in specified file.
Example: run my_script.txt
By default looks in \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\ for files.
For mods, the game will look in \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod\name_of_mod\.
run_commands Runs the specified file with list of console commands.
runyear [<year>] [<command filename>] Runs command once we reach year.
sailors [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds sailors (default value: 5000)
savegame Creates an savefile.
score Score data dumped to game.log
selflearningai Enables/Disables Self-Learning AI
set_base_manpower [<province id>, <value>] Sets base manpower of province to value.
set_base_production [<province id>, <value>] Sets base production of province to value.
set_base_tax [<province id>, <value>] Sets base tax of province to value.
Rights of Man.png set_consort_flag [<Tag>] [<Flag>] Sets a flag for a consort
set_flag [<Flag>] Sets a global flag
set_leader_trait [<personality>] Set selected leader's personality trait
set_prov_flag [<Flag>] [<Province>] Sets a flag for a province
setmissionaryprogress [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>] Sets the missionary progress for a province.
SetRandomCount Sets the randomcount to 0 or arg
show_ideas [<Country tag>] National ideas of the specified country dumped to game.log
siege [<Province ID>] Wins the siege in the specified province
smoothframelog Toggles smooth frame logging
spawn [<Province ID>] [<SubUnit Type>] Spawns an unit in a province. For example, "spawn 1 western_medieval_infantry" spawns a Latin Medieval Infantry in Stockholm. See the file names in the common/units folder for a complete list of <SubUnit Type>.
spawn_all_units [<Animation state>] Spawns all units in capital for all existing countries. Requires unit_tester mod under Art/Test Resources enabled.
spawnactor [<Actorname>] [<Province ID>] [<Animation> OPTIONAL] Spawns an actor with an optional animation
spectate(spectate) Goes into Spectator mode
splendor [<Amount>] [<Target Country tag> OPTIONAL] Adds splendor to the player (Default: 1000)
Emperor spread_revolution [<province ID or tag>] Spread the Revolution
spritelevel [<Sprite level>] Sets a forced sprite level. Specify no argument to reset.
spynetwork [<Target Country tag>] [<Amount>] Adds spy network with target country
stability [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Changes the stability of the specified country (to maximum without value)
startup_screen Creates a new startup screen.
state [<Province ID>] Toggles State for owner of region of province.
stats Stats dumped to game.log
stop [<YYYY.MM.DD>] Pauses the game at a specified date
surrender Surrender
sword_mana [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] [<Country tag> OPTIONAL] Get military power (default value: 999)
syntheticdawn [<Target Tag> OPTIONAL] Specified country changes to Synthetics. This country needs to have more than 10 provinces-
tag [<Country tag>] Switch tag to another country
tech [<AMOUNT>] Gets levels in all technology types
test [<test ID>] Runs a code test
test_achievement [<achievement>] tests a specific achievement
test_neighbour [<Tag>] Will tell you if target Tag counts as neighbour to your country
testevent [<Event ID>] [<Character ID>] Tests an event without triggering it
texture_usage Prints texture usage to memory.log
ti(debug_ti) Toggles Terra Incognita on/off
time Displays the current time in the command box.
timer Prints out debug timing info
timer_dump Dumps debug timing info to logs
timer_reset Resets debug timing
timer_restart Restarts (resets and starts) debug timing
timer_show Shows live timing data
timer_start Starts debug timing
timer_stop Stops debug timing
touch_test Testing touch
Conquest of Paradise.png tribal_development [<province id>, <value>] adds tribal development to the federation Note: the command always adds 1 adm/dip/mil tribal development to the current country if in a Native Council, province id and value arguments don't work
Mandate of Heaven.png tributary [<Tag>] Make country a Tributary State
trust [<Target Country tag>] [<Amount>] Adds trust with target country
update_loc [localization tag] Updates the localization tag file
validateevents Validates all events without triggering it
vassalize [<Target Country Tag>] [<Actor Country tag> OPTIONAL] Vassalize the specified tag
verify_loc Verifies the localization keys
Unlocalized keys are written to error.log.
version Prints the game version
victorycard Force enables victory cards in singleplayer
window(wnd) [Arguments: open/close] [window gui name] Opens or closes the specified window
winwars Gives max war score in all wars for the country
writetestentities Writes test entities for all countries to local_temp.log.
yesman Toggles AI positive responses (on: always accept; off: normal response)
Emperor zeal [<Amount>] [<Target Country Tag>] Adds revolutionary zeal to a country
zombie Zombie army debug on/off
On by default, when turned off, armies will be immediately stackwiped on losing a battle instead of doing a shattered retreat.

Casus belli IDs[edit | edit source]

For use with add_cb and remove_cb.

List of events[edit | edit source]

Event ID Name of event Event's effect
700 Election! Allows player to gain 1Military power.png / 1Administrative power.png / 1Diplomatic power.png to the current leader (Will Replace Queen Regents and Regency Councils)
862 The New World Beckons! Pick between a Conquistador Conquistador with 25 army tradition, or a 5-year bonus to settler chance and global settler increase (or both with Expansionist ruler)
881 Merchant arranges an expedition. Gain Explorer Explorer with 20 naval tradition.
2001 The Protestant Reformation Starts the Protestantism protestant reformation and spawns a Center of reformation.png center of reformation in the capital.
5056 Diplomatic Insult Get Diplomatic Insult CB on neighbor / +60 opinion to neighbors
9469 Lux Stella gives choice between heir with at least a 6 in Military power.png / Administrative power.png / Diplomatic power.png
flavor_pol.1 The Commonwealth Navy
  • gains Navy tradition.png20 navy tradition.
  • starts the free construction of Heavy ship.png 5 heavy ships with Local shipbuilding time.png −90% ship building time in a random owned coastal province.
flavor_sco.8 The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Mercantilism.png+5% mercantilism
colonial.1 [<Province ID>] The [empty_neighbor_target.GetAreaName] Company A new colony with 200 settlers will appear in a random neighbor province and that province gets Local settler increase.png +15 local settler increase
colonial.12 [<Province ID>] The Call of the Hunt Sets trade good to Fur.pngfur
colonial.13 [<Province ID>] Fur Trade Dwindles Sets trade good to Naval supplies.pngnaval supplies / Grain.pnggrain
colonial.18 [<Province ID>] New World Coffee Sets trade good to Coffee.pngcoffee
ideagroups.1 New Traditions & Ambitions Changes your national ideas to match your current country tag.
ideagroups.606 Improved Reputation Increase diplomatic reputation by 1 for 10 years.
ideagroups.608 Justify my War! "Justified Demands" modifier for 10 years, reducing AE by 5% and Unjustified Demands by 20%
ideagroups.1801 Our Cause is Just Gives the "Just Causes" modifier for 10 years, reducing Aggressive Expansion by 20%
culture_religion_events.21 A Question of Faith Changes the state religion of the country to that of the ruler.
culture_religion_events.22 The Court of [Root.Monarch.GetName] Changes the primary culture of country to that of the ruler.

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