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Duchy rankCircassia
Primary culture
Circassian (Caucasian)

Capital province
Circassia (463)

Tribal MonarchyGovernment tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
EasternEastern technology group
Circassian ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−10% Stability cost modifier
+50% Hostile core-creation cost on us

Cavalry cost.png Horsemen of the Steppe

−10% Cavalry cost
+5% Cavalry combat ability

Provincial trade power modifier.png Merchants Of Genoa

+15% Provincial trade power modifier

Trade efficiency.png Circassian Grain Trade

+10% Trade efficiency

Missionaries.png Franciscan Missionaries

+1 Missionary

Prestige decay.png Adyghe Beauty

−1% Prestige decay

Diplomat.png Steppe Diplomats

+1 Diplomat

Tolerance heretic.png Religious Flexibility

+1 Tolerance of heretics
+1 Tolerance of heathens

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Morale of armies

Circassia is a country located in the Caucasus region, and unlike most Orthodox countries it is a Tribal Federation instead of a regular monarchy. It starts out surrounded by the Flag of Great Horde Great Horde, Flag of Crimea Crimea, Flag of Imereti Imereti and Flag of Avaria Avaria. It is the primary tag of the Circassian culture.


  Circassia starts with - 2 diplomatic relations penalty due to its government form so starting position is really crucial for Circassia. Your short term goal should be government reform as fast as possible.

Due to weak starting position and being Orthodox in the middle of Muslim land, alliance choice is often limited to   Byzantium,   Trebizond,   Georgia or   Imereti. It's advised to avoid alliance with both Byzantine and Trebizond as they often fell Ottoman early on and you don't have the power to defeat them yet.

Your ultimate alliance is either   Muscovy,   Poland or   Lithuania. Your starting point is usually won't allow you to do this but keep one slot open for them. Instead, fabricate on Imereti as soon as possible and declare on them. You can win alone but you could also promise land to Georgia to help you out. After defeating Imereti, take one province and vassalize them, betray Georgia to free your slot. Sooner or later, Ottoman will declare on you and Georgia often betrayed you anyway.

After that, you usually can have alliance with your ultimate alliance and focus on high developed province. Declare on   Crimea if they are not vassalized by Ottoman yet,   Golden Horde. Keep your relation high with Genoa as they are the source of your instituion spread. Try to have a border with your ultimate alliance. Keep your relation high with Muscovy as they will have permanent claim on all of your pontic steppe area.

If you already have enough favor from your alliance, try to attack Ottoman ASAP You don't want to get sandwiched late in game between your ally, Ottoman and Persia. And Ottoman is the biggest threat as they usually desire Adyghe

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