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Kingdom rankChachapoya
Primary culture
Chachapoyan (Marañón)

Capital province
Chachapoyas (2943)

Tribal MonarchyGovernment tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
AndeanAndean technology group
Chachapoyan ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−10% Construction cost
+1 Possible advisor

Morale of armies.png Warriors of the Clouds

+10% Morale of armies

Development cost.png Legacy of Kuelap

−10% Development cost

Fort defense.png Summit Fortresses

+10% Fort defense

Diplomatic reputation.png Women Diplomacy

+1 Diplomatic reputation

Hostile core-creation cost on us.png Chachapoyan Endurance

+25% Hostile core-creation cost on us

Prestige.png Purunmachus

+1 Yearly prestige

Attrition for enemies.png Cloud Forests

+1 Attrition for enemies

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Production efficiency

Chachapoya is a two province minor in the Andes.


Execute decision.pngTawantinsuyu, the Empire of the Incas


Once one of many small regional kingdoms our state now holds land in all the four regions of the Andes. Our kingdom has transformed into something greater, a mighty empire of many peoples united under a strong class of rulers. To our subjects we are simply their overlords, the Incas.

Potential requirements

The game:

The country:

If the country is AI-controlled then it:


Flag of Inca Inca does not exist.
The country:


The country:

that it does not own.
  • gains Prestige.png25 prestige.

If Flag of Inca Inca:


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