Can Pech

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Kingdom rankCan Pech
Can Pech.png
Primary culture
Mayan (Yucatec)

Capital province
Campeche (845)

Tribal Despotism Government tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
MesoamericanMesoamerican technology group
Mayan ideas
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For Mayan.png Mayan countries.

Traditions.png Traditions:

−1 National unrest
+15% Fort defense

Stability cost modifier.png The Sacred Cenote

−10% Stability cost modifier

Development cost.png Building Traditions

−10% Development cost

Aggressive expansion impact.png Ancient Feuds

−10% Aggressive expansion impact

Technology cost.png Shipwreck Survivors

−5% Technology cost

National tax modifier.png Kuchkabal

+10% National tax modifier

Attrition for enemies.png Remote Isolation

+1 Attrition for enemies

Morale of armies.png Caste War

+10% Morale of armies

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Infantry combat ability

Can Pech is a small, two province tribal kingdom located in the southern panhandle of the Central America region. They were historically the Mayan nation to first come into contact with Flag of Spain Spain when in 1517 a Spanish ship docked in Campeche City to trade for some water. Initially the two people treated each other in a friendly manner. This all changed when in 1527 permission was given for an invasion of this region of Mesoamerica. Spain's first invasion began in the east and by the time they reached Can Pech their forces were so badly battered they had to issue a retreat. A second invasion was attempted directly on Campeche City thereafter which resulted in a small victory, but the remaining forces were too weak to defend against a reinforcement of 20,000 Mayan troops that were sent afterwards and found themselves pushed out of the city again. It wasn't until 1540 that a final invasion was mounted after Spanish diplomats had persuaded Can Pech's leaders to swear allegiance to the crown, and due to the unexpected nature of this invasion the Spanish were able to fully conquer the area.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main article: New World missions

Can Pech doesn't have any unique missions as of the current game versions and instead uses the generic new world mission tree.

Decisions[edit | edit source]


Execute decision.pngReunite the League of Mayapan

Once all Maya states of importance fought under the same banner. Let us recreate the League of Mayapan and put the petty conflicts that once shattered the confederation behind us.

Potential requirements

Flag of Maya Maya does not exist.
The country:

If the country is AI-controlled then it:

Not playing with random New World.


The country:

If the El Dorado.png ‘El Dorado’ DLC is enabled:

  • has to reform its religion,


  • has embraced Feudalism.png feudalism institution


The country:

  • AI will always take this decision.
  • AI gives "high priority" (400) to this decision

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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