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Kingdom rankCalchaqui
Primary culture
Diaguita (Andean)

Capital province
Jujuy (794)

Tribal Monarchy Government tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
AndeanAndean technology group
Andean ideas

For countries in the Andean technology group Andean technology group.

Traditions.png Traditions:

+1 Yearly legitimacy
+50% Chance of new heir

National tax modifier.png Talking Knots

+10% National tax modifier

Provincial trade power modifier.png Mountain Roads Network

+10% Provincial trade power modifier

Inflation reduction.png Tears of the Sun

+0.10 Yearly inflation reduction

Production efficiency.png Llamas Farming

+10% Production efficiency

Development cost.png Monumental Ornaments

−10% Development cost

Fort defense.png Hidden Cities

+10% Fort defense

Prestige.png Zampano Music

+1 Yearly prestige

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Trade efficiency

Calchaqui is the southernmost Inti kingdom in Upper Peru. It is the primary nation of the Diaguita culture.



Calchaqui has a single unique   event.[1]


 'Inca Hualpa'

We have recently discovered that Inca Hualpa is not who he claims to be! His real name is Pedro Bohorquez, an Andalusian adventurer. The Paziocas have accepted him as a military leader, and losing him might lower the morale of our soldiers. Although Bohorquez has lied to use, he has the support of the Jesuits and his army has maintained control for a long time. What should we do?

This event happens only once during a campaign.
Trigger conditions

The country:

Mean time to happen

32 months

Ignore it and appoint him as general.


  • loses   1 stability.
  • gets a   general named ‘Inca Hualpa’ with the following stats:
Make him... disappear.

  Calchaqui gains   5 prestige.


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  1. The script code of these events can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/events/flavorCCQ.txt.
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