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Primary culture
Filipino (Malay)

Capital province
Butuan (2702)

Eastern Plutocracy Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
ChineseChinese technology group
Butuan ideas

Traditions.png Traditions:

+10% Trade efficiency
−20% Light ship cost

Diplomatic relations.png Indianized Society

+1 Diplomatic relation

Trade power.png Northern Nusantara

+10% Global trade power

Merchants.png Butuan Trade Connections

+1 Merchant

Diplomatic reputation.png Butuan Goldwork

+1 Diplomatic reputation

Provincial trade power modifier.png Balangay

+10% Provincial trade power modifier

Heavy ship combat ability.png Protect the Coastlines

+10% Heavy ship combat ability

Diplomat.png Long Range Diplomacy

+1 Diplomat

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Domestic trade power

Butuan is an one province minor in the Moluccas. Flag of Maguindanao Maguindanao is its only direct neighbor.

Decision[edit | edit source]


Execute decision.pngForm Malaya

Unify all Malayan provinces in the region under one strong ruler.
Potential requirements

Flag of Malaya Malaya does not exist.
The country:

If the country is AI-controlled then it:

Playing with normal or historical nations


The country:

  • is not a subject nation other than a tributary state.
  • is not at war.
  • is not a nomad nation.
  • if is Muslim, then owns provinces:
    • Kutaraja (627)
    • Melaka (596)
    • Brunei (636)
    • Makassar (641)
    • Demak (629).
  • else, owns provinces:
    • Palembang (622)
    • Pakuan (2687)
    • Surabaya (628)
    • Kutai (638)
    • Chaiya (2390).
  • owns at least 40 provinces in:


The country:

  • becomes Flag of Malaya Malaya.
  • gains Yearly prestige.png 25 prestige.
  • gets the Msg event.png event ‘New Traditions & Ambitions’, unless it is a custom nation.
  • gets the Msg event.png event 'A Maritime State'
  • increases rank to Kingdom rank kingdom, if it is a Duchy rank duchy
  • removes all provinces from the Holy Roman Empire, if it is a member and not an elector or the emperor.
  • gets a permanent claim on all unowned provinces in:
  • gets “Increased Centralization” for Time Icon.png 10 years, giving:
    • Autonomy.png −0.05 monthly autonomy change,
    • National unrest.png +1 national unrest.

The AI will always take this decision.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Filipino missions

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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