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Duchy rankBuganda
Primary culture
Ganda (Great Lakes)

Capital province
Buganda (4064)

Tribal MonarchyGovernment tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
Central AfricanCentral African technology group
Interlacustrine ideas

For countries in the Culture icon.png Great Lakes culture group.

Traditions.png Traditions:

+1 Attrition for enemies
+25% Looting speed

National manpower modifier.png Source of the Nile

+15% National manpower modifier

Prestige.png Heirs of Kitara

+1 Yearly prestige

Chance of new heir.png No Illegitimate Children

+50% Chance of new heir

Tolerance own.png Holy Lineages

+2 Tolerance of the true faith

Infantry cost.png Emitwe

−10% Infantry cost

Infantry combat ability.png Unity of the Clans

+10% Infantry combat ability

National tax modifier.png Development of Clientship

+10% National tax modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Merchant

Buganda is a landlocked OPM in Central Africa on the west side of the Lake Victoria. It is the primary nation of the Ganda culture. In 1444 Buganda borders Flag of Karagwe Karagwe, Flag of Nkore Nkore, Flag of Bunyoro Bunyoro and Flag of Busoga Busoga.



See also: Central African events

This is a list of   Buganda's events[1].


 Exceptional Katikkiri

Ruling a chiefdom is hard work, and in the Kingdom of $COUNTRY$, each [Root.Monarch.GetTitle] rules with the aid of a Katikkiri. [Root.Monarch.GetName]'s Katikkiri has a hundred great ideas, and no shortage of plans for executing them.
Our [Root.Monarch.GetTitle] has been blessed to have such a talented minister serving him.

Trigger conditions

The country:

  • is   Buganda.
  • has hired an advisor.
  • has not had this event within the past two years.
Mean time to happen

600 months

The Katikkiri should work with our vassal tribes.


  • gains   100 administrative power.
The Katikkiri should work with our neighbors.


  • gains   100 diplomatic power.

 Kateregga Seizes the Throne

There were whispers of witchcraft. How else could the [Root.Monarch.GetTitle] have passed away so suddenly? Especially at such an opportune moment for Kateregga to claim the right of inheritance, even though he was the middle child of the [Root.Monarch.GetTitle]'s third wife. \nNevertheless, Kateregga is now ready to ascend to the throne.

Trigger conditions

The country:

It is at least 1600 but before 1680.

Mean time to happen

600 months

He is the rightful [Root.Monarch.GetTitle] of $COUNTRY$.


  • gets a new male ruler which:
    • is named Kateregga Kamegere,
    • is 20 years old,
    • has at least the skill 3  / 5  / 4 ,
    • has   70 legitimacy,
    • has   ‘Intricate Webweaver’ personality.

If   Buganda uses ‘Statists vs Monarchists’ mechanics:

  • then strengthen Monarchists in power by 100%.
This wicked man must never rule $COUNTRY$!

  Buganda's current ruler dies.

  • loses   10 prestige.
  • loses   25 administrative power.

 Kateregga's Children

Kateregga fathered a multitude of children, who would go on to establish the Kateregga clan across the land. With so many children to choose from, raised by so many wives, Kateregga took great care in selecting his rightful heir.

Trigger conditions

The country:

  • is   Buganda.
  • has a government with heir mechanics.
  • has the ruler Kateregga Kamegere.
Mean time to happen

160 months

The eldest by his first wife.


  • gets a new legal heir with strong claim (100).
The eldest by his second wife.


  • gets a new legal heir with strong claim (70).
The youngest one, by his fifth wife.


  • gets a new legal heir with weak claim (30).

 Kateregga's End

The people whispered of witchcraft in everything he did, and it might have been punishment from the spirits that caused Kateregga's end to come the way it did. A deadly centipede with a poisonous sting crawled up his leg. A jab to his loins, which had given the seed from which so many children had sprung.
Some speak of his end as fitting, others as tragic.

Trigger conditions

The country:

  • is   Buganda.
  • has a government with heir mechanics.
  • has the ruler Kateregga Kamegere which is at least 30 years old.
Mean time to happen

480 months

He left this world screaming more than when he entered it.

  Buganda's current ruler Kateregga Kamegere dies.


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As Busoga, Buganda or Karagwe, reach administrative, diplomatic and military technology level 32.


  1. The code of the events can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/events/CentralAfrican.txt.
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