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Game modification: Beyond Typus
Beyond Typus
Major Overhaul

Draíocht with help from others

Version 13.0 for EU4 Version 1.30.x

Steam workshop

Overview[edit | edit source]

Beyond Typus is an overhaul mod for Europa Universalis IV that adds new provinces, new nations, new cultures, new trade goods, and a lot more, allowing for greater historical accuracy and more gameplay opportunities.

Due to the nature of EU4's modding system coupled with BT and its dev doubling feature, very few mods will actually be compatible with BT without compatibility patches. Many graphical mods are fine, however for many others compatibility patches are available. This excludes other major overhauls such as Extended Timelines for which no compatibility patches have been made.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Completely overhauled regions of the map featuring many new provinces and countries, adjustments on existing content, new cultures and so on. As of the 1.30 patch the overhaul includes the following as places overhauled one or multiple times: Europe, the MENA region, South Africa including modern day Namibia, South East Asia, the Caribbean, Greenland, New Zealand, Canada and the western half of the modern day United States.
  • In the overhauled regions there are new colonial regions (Newfoundland, Acadia and Cuba among others) and tags, with an additional starting bookmark providing even more new world native tags. New tags can range from the Welsh Marches, to miniscule italian states all the way to, if a player so chooses to use the new bookmark, natives be they in California or northern Canada.
  • Adjustments to existing content can range from correcting various aspects of a province, to for example correcting the government type of the Grey Leagues tag, to renaming tags such as "Tunis" into the historical "Ifriqiya".
  • New trade goods such as apiculture, beer, and fruit
  • Development doubling to allow for greater precision when modeling provinces' development. This doubling has been adjusted for in other regards such as subject liberty desire or aggressive expansion.
  • New mission trees and rewards. This includes for instance the Hisn Kayfa tag as which players are able to create a resurgent Ayyubid dynasty.
  • An improved map projection & map proportions
  • A vast and ever-growing collection of community-made addons

Addons[edit | edit source]

Note: this list is not comprehensive.

By Dub

  • Byzantine Resurgence (BR) and a corresponding Unit Pack (BRUP)
  • Impactful Devastation and Prosperity (IDP)
  • More Buildings (BTMB)
  • BT Unit Pack (BTUP)

By Math5615

  • Dynamic Province Names (DPN)


  • Cultural Influence (CI)
  • Ten Ideas for BT Misc

By felis

  • Felis' Country Colours

By Illuminati

  • Coloured Cultures and Regions and a corresponding version made for American Province Expansion
  • Recoloured Trade Notes and two versions thereof for Third Odyssey and American Province Expansion
  • Better Custom Nations & Client States
  • Pagan Wrath

By Neothiamin

  • Heresy!
  • American Province Expansion
  • Ruler Names for Cultural Influence

By princejonn

  • Colonization
  • Twelve Ideas

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