Back to the Piast

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Back to the Piast
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Possible if
The player’s country:
Achieved if

The player is not playing as a released vassal.
The player’s country:

In the Back to the Piast achievement, starting as Flag of Mazovia Mazovia or Flag of Silesia Silesia, form the nation of Flag of Poland Poland.

Silesia strategy[edit]

Usually at least two of Flag of Poland Poland, Flag of Austria Austria and Flag of Hungary Hungary will start rivalled to Flag of Bohemia Bohemia. On day 1, Silesia will be able to ask these nations to support independence. As soon as a diplomat returns from gaining the support of these nations, it is time to fight for Silesian freedom, hopefully before Bohemia has gotten many alliances up of their own. Declare war taking the stability hit and allow allies to do the heavy lifting. Peace out making sure not to exceed the coalition aggressive expansion limit. From here it is normal expansion in the Holy Roman Empire until it is time to take down Poland.

The Diplomatic and Humanist ideas groups combine well with the national ideas, allowing the stacking of relations over time bonuses to burn of aggressive expansion faster, as well as helping tolerate the religious events which change the Czech land's religion and Orthodox lands should Silesia choose to expand into Hungary/Balkans.

Mazovia strategy[edit]

Look if Poland's enemies are like this: Hungary, Teutonic Order, Bohemia (Not needed in your first war, but otherwise they usually ally Poland).

Start to improve relations with Hungary and Teutonic Order then ask both to support your independence. Build 5 infantry regiments, when they are ready send your army to Krakow, Poland usually has 5 regiments without a military leader there and you can stack-wipe them immediately. Start your independence war before Poland gets the personal union with Flag of Lithuania Lithuania, hope the event will trigger as soon as possible after you declared war on Poland, because then Lithuania will leave the war against you. Now siege Poland until maximum warscore (should be easily done after Lithuania is out). You can remain subject to Poland and only take provinces or release Flag of Galicia-Volhynia Galicia-Volhynia to weaken Poland in the next war.

Another hint: With your high war exhaustion and negative stability you can let the peasants or magnate rebels siege your capital and break your country, because they will reset stability and war exhaustion to 0. This saves you some monarch power.

The next wars can be fought with the support of the Teutonic Order and Hungary again or maybe with Lithuania and Moldavia. If their liberty desire is over 50%, they should accept an alliance with you.(Only possible if you remain subject after the first war). Another advantage is that Poland often has no strong allies while they still have 3 subjects.

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