Army professionalism events

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These are generic events which are related to the army professionalism.[1]


Msg event.pngTreason against [Root.GetDefiniteArticleBeforePluralCountry][Root.GetName]

Recruitment is out of necessity something that has to be a somewhat decentralized affair. Often it will be entrusted to [Root.GetNoblesReplacementForOtherGovernments] in the capital, and then they are responsible to turn up a set number of men in the various provinces under our control.\nThis is a system that to some extent relies on trust as the central government is not involved in the details of countryside mustering, and the only form of control we have are the, often sporadic, inspections the army itself conducts. One such inspection in [cheating_rolls.GetName] has unearthed quite a local scandal. The rolls we have for the area is full of fictional names and nobody seems to know what we could actually muster from the region.

Trigger conditions
  • has a lower army professionalism of 40%
  • has more than 5 cities

For any owned provinces:

  • that isn't the capital
  • in a state
Mean time to happen
  • 700 months

Option conditions
Event button 547.png
This is unfortunate.
  • loses Army professionalism.png 2.5% army professionalism.
Event button 547.png
We must punish the perpetrator and conduct our own survey.
  • get Army professionalism.png 2.5% army professionalism.
  • lose Nobility.png nobility loyalty.


  1. These events can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/events/ArmyProfessionalism.txt.