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Possible if
The player’s country:
  • has a culture in the British group.
Achieved if

The player’s country:

  • has completed all English and British missions.

To get the Anglophile achievement, the player has to start a game as Flag of England England or Flag of Scotland Scotland on the start date 11 November 1444 in Ironman mode, without a random New World. The achievement is unlocked when the player as Flag of Great Britain Great Britain has completed all English and British missions.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

PU France[edit | edit source]

Before the Surrender of Maine event fires the player need to achieve some good allies such as Flag of Castile Castile, Flag of Aragon Aragon, Flag of Burgundy Burgundy or Flag of Austria Austria and Flag of France France's other rivals. When the event fires the player should go to war against France and try to occupy Paris in order to complete two missions: now if the war is going well the player can PU France in the peace deal, if England is going to lose the war the player should make a short-truce peace deal and attack France again once have built enough favours with allies and before the Force Union CB disappears.

Mediterranean Route[edit | edit source]

During the war against France England needs to achieve the Maritime Empire mission in other to get the claim over Gibraltar before Castile attacks Flag of Granada Granada. Now the Mediterranean route is open: the player should attack Aragon before ends up in a PU under Castile and conquer Sardinia, Sicily, Malta and The Balearics. After a war with Flag of Venice Venice for the conquest of Crete, England should be strong enough to attack Flag of Mamluks Mamluks before the Egyptian lands are eaten by Flag of Ottomans Ottomans.

Scotland and Ireland[edit | edit source]

Once England has completed the "Levy the troops" mission should attack Ireland minors in a row avoiding a coalition to form. This mission also give the Subjugation CB against Flag of Scotland Scotland which is recommended in order to avoid too much AE and also because to fully annex Scotland England need two wars unless the player has unlocked the "Flexible Negotiation" idea in the Diplomatic ideas group. Often Scotland allies Flag of Livonian Order Livonian Order: taking the province of Goldingen from them could be useful for the future missions.

Lübeck and Baltic Route[edit | edit source]

For the Monopolize the Channel mission the player should attack Burgundy, if it still exists, and siege down all the English Channel provinces. If the player has conquered some land from Livonian Order, it would be useful to create a claim and attack Flag of Riga Riga that usually joins a trade league headed by Flag of Lübeck Lübeck with Flag of Bremen Bremen and others Hanseatic HRE OPM avoiding to fight against the HRE Emperor.

Colonization[edit | edit source]

England should take Expansion as second or third idea group, the player should focus firstly on colonize Caribbean high dev provinces then moving to American East Coast. To complete this achievement England also needs to colonize Australia, Indonesia and Moluccas so it's recommended to create a route of money from the Spice islands to the English Channel via Zanzibar and Ivory Coast: trade income is the key as England or Great Britain.

During the Age of Absolutism, when the technology gap with Europe is the all-time high, Great Britain should focus on conquering India.

HRE[edit | edit source]

The hardest missions for this achievement are the HRE-related: Control electors and Great Britain, Ascendant. There are two ways to achieve this missions:

  1. Diplomatic way. If there's religious peace in the HRE the player should change their religion to the HRE's official religion (Catholic, Reformed or Protestant), obtain at least three votes, become the Emperor and pass the Proclaim Erbkaiserturm reform.
  2. Military way (Easy). Ally all electors right before the war then DOW emperor ally (prefer the one outside HRE), or the emperor itself. Now just siege emperor capital (and eventually dragged electors), then just dismantle.
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