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Total conversion


Children of Ruin Update for EU4 version 1.34

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Anbennar is a fantasy total conversion mod based on Dungeons and Dragons. It seeks to provide a new, fresh Europa Universalis experience in a changing fantastic world - the planet of Halann. Fight for knightly glory in Cannor, restore Aul-Dwarov as a dwarf, resist the orc onslaught as an adventurer in Escann. Go east, and bring the Light of The Jadd to the peoples of Bulwar-- or further east, and unify the Dhenijanraj. Use powerful new mechanics like magic, play as strange new races like the tiger Harimari or the once-elven Ruinborn, complete countless mission trees and experience endless flavor through events and formables.

About the mod[edit | edit source]

Lore Introduction[edit | edit source]

The year is 1444. The Fourth and final Lilac War is over. Immeasurable Lorentish and Anbennarian blood has been spilled, but peace has returned to the Empire under the Rose Party. The House of Silioriel keeps its grip on the throne of Lorent, and has finally defeated its ancient enemies the Grand Duchy of Dameria. Lothane III of Wex now sits the Imperial throne, the profits of his betrayal of the House of Silmuna and his imperial Allies. Trouble brews on the horizon for the victorious kingdom, though, as the Kingdom of Gawed, the ancient enemies of the Lorent, look south, hungry to seize the lucrative borderlands in the Small Country from the war-torn realm.

In the west, the mournful elves of Venail look out at the waves and remember the ages they spent upon them, desperate and searching. They dream of a return to the land long lost, the land they once called home. Aelantir awaits for those bold-- or foolhardy-- enough to claim it, though Aelantir is not just a new homeland. In ancient temples and crumbling ruins hide secrets long forgotten-- secrets that threaten to upturn the secular and religious order of Cannor.

To the east, the dust has settled on a war of divine proportions: the Avatar of Agrados, Corin, has slain the Dookanson in single combat, routing the endless green horde but martyring herself in the process. The adventurers of Escann mourn, but their job has just begun: with the destruction of the horde, the fertile fields and plains of the east may bloom again.

Far beneath the petty concerns of the humans or elves, the stalwart Dwarves wage an endless war against the ancient enemy. Though the greentide emptied the caverns of the orcs, stragglers and roaming warbands-- not to mention the native goblins-- still haunt the crevices and roads of the Dwarovar, skirmishing and raiding. The Dwarves, in ancient holds or in adventuring bands, test the waters, opening the gates and starting to reclaim their long lost homeland. Every Dwarf-- from Rubyhold to Ovdal Kanzad-- chases that same dream-- Aul Dwarov, the Empire of Dwarves.

Halann holds more secrets than just dwarves, humans and elves. Legionary hobgoblins, rampaging centaur hordes, fey forest warfare, and gnomish Artificer tanks all hide in strange corners of the world. Experience the evolution of a fantastic world as it deals with the impacts of colonialism, industrialization, artificiery, and the Age of the Witch King.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • A huge, dynamic fantasy world
  • New races
  • New religions
  • New tech trees
  • New flavor events
  • New advisor portraits for some races
  • New Ages and abilities
  • Custom adventurer system to reclaim Escann
  • Extensive colonial experience
  • Robust magic system
  • Countless mission trees

Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Want to jump right into Anbennar? Here are a few campaigns with strong mission trees and a more forgiving difficulty curve.

  • Lorent
  • Verne
  • Gawed
  • Bjarnrik
  • Beepeck
  • Asra Expedition
  • Verkal Gulan
  • Sareyand
  • Degakheion*

Experienced with Europa Universalis and want the full Anbennar experience?

  • Retake the Dragon Coast from the Kobolds as Nimscodd-- or bring back the dragons as a Kobold
  • Reclaim Aelantir as Venail
  • Spread the Light of Jadd as Jaddari
  • Bring back feudalism to Escann as an Escanni Adventurer-- or continue the greentide as an Orc clan
  • Form the Goblin Allclan as Railskulker
  • Form the Crimson Storm as any of the Steppe Centaurs
  • Unify the Lake Federation as any of the Lake Humans
  • Become the Fey Horde as Tugundh-Darakh as any Deepwoods Orc
  • Eat the horses and tame your unruly children as Maghargma
  • Restore the Ynn to its former glory as Malacnar-- or bring about an Ynnic Dragon age as Pomvasonn
  • Plunder the pathetic humans as Viakkoc, the Dog Pirates
  • Remake the Khetarchy as the ailing Kheterata
  • Choose your destiny as Frozenmaw-- the Graytide or a new, half orc Kingdom
  • Dance the bloody masquerade as Corvuria

Ready for an unorthodox campaign?

  • Magisterium -- Build a great mage tower and tame your once-empire
  • Sarisung -- Unify the criminal syndicates of your city and control the Porcelain River
  • Karashar -- Lead the orcs to a new homeland in Bulwar, and show the Elves and Humans the true servants of Surael
  • Adenica -- Master the knightly virtues and defeat the heretical Corinites
  • Jaherian Exemplars -- Wage a bloody crusade against the heathen Taychend for wealth and create an enlightened Elven Empire in South Aelantir

Trivia[edit | edit source]