Abu Bakr II’s Ambition

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Abu Bakr II’s Ambition
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To unlock the Abu Bakr II’s Ambition achievement the player must have four colonial subjects with capitals on the continent of South America having started as (can complete if playing as a released vassal or forming another nation) Flag of Mali Mali, a nation located in west Africa.


After rivaling the nations that rival Mali, the player should seek alliances with the big nations nearby, Flag of Air Air, Flag of Timbuktu Timbuktu or Flag of Songhai Songhai. If the force of Mali's alliances is big enough, the other nations will not declare war. Focus on administrative power and make your initial goal to fabricate claims and conquer the provinces in Flag of Jolof Jolof (since they will probably hate Mali) and Flag of Kong Kong (for an extra gold province). Alternatively, Mali could force-vassalize Jolof even more quickly, postponing the need to deal with still more Fetishist provinces and preserving admin points.

Mali starts with many Fetishist provinces that lower religious unity, and should raise its piety to improve its Missionary strength and convert them. After that, it should wait for the admin. power to pile up to get to admin. tech. 5 and research Exploration ideas. Once the idea group is unlocked, it should focus on diplomatic power.

Since Mali starts with a few gold provinces it will start with a monthly income higher than your neighbors, and can afford advisors right away. The player should hire at least an administrative advisor, especially a Master of Mint, since inflation will be pretty high in the following years.

Don't forget the value of Power Projection for additional monarch points. Wait to name your rivals (except perhaps Jolof), and pick an adjacent nation that has lost a war and been stripped of its alliances. A quick war to 100%, and a peace using Show Strength, can net you 30PP plus 100 in each monarch point pool. That's a big boost for a nation which doesn't even have Feudalism at game start and needs to claw its way to Exploration.

After the year 1470, the event Emergence of the Fulani will most probably trigger, filling the uncolonized provinces north of Mali and creating Flag of Fulo Fulo, a new enemy that wants its provinces. If Mali claims Fulo's provinces as soon as possible it can conquer all the land without Fulo gaining allies.

After some years, either Flag of Portugal Portugal or Flag of Castile Castile will start colonizing the Guinea region. If Mali has colonists ready, it may try to colonize a province bordering them, for the sake of institution spread. If they are friendly the player might want to ally them, or else seek an alliance with Flag of Morocco Morocco if they're strong enough.

Mali will need to take Exploration ideas up to Overseas Exploration and get to diplomatic technology 7 to have enough range to reach the Americas from its home ports. If it has conquered and cored the Jolof province of Trarza, however, it needs only Overseas Exploration and diplomatic technology 3. The player's goal is to own and core at least five provinces in each South American colonial region: Colonial Brazil, Colonial Colombia, Colonial La Plata and Colonial Peru. It is faster to conquer land from minor tribes than it is to colonize, so the player may try to colonize adjacent to the local tribes, such as Flag of Potiguara Potiguara, Flag of Tupinamba Tupinamba, Flag of Tupiniquim Tupiniquim and Flag of Tapuia Tapuia in Colonial Brazil, or Flag of Muisca Muisca in Colonial Colombia. Once Exploration ideas are complete, claims can be fabricated in colonial regions even without owning an adjacent province. Once five provinces are cored in a colonial region, a colonial nation will form from them.

Mali should continue researching diplomatic technology to improve colonial range, while trying to avoid Castilian and Portuguese colonies so that they will be less likely to desire Mali's colonies or have CBs to take them. After forming colonial nations in Brazil and Colombia, Mali may go all the way south to Colonial La Plata, preferring to colonize the provinces without a settler increase penalty from terrain. Colonial Peru may be reached either with colonial range from Colonial La Plata, or by conquering and colonizing south of Panama. Colonial Peru has many settled provinces, so colonizing is not necessary.

If Mali has lost too much land to its neighbors or to European nations while focusing on colonization, its colonial subjects might be rebellious. To avoid that it should maintain good relations with them and keep tariffs low.

This achievement can be easily combined with Colonial Management. Once the player has all the colonial nations, governors may be appointed using the Subjects menu in three of them.


Abu Bakr II was a ruler of the Mali Empire in the 14th century. Believing it was possible to reach the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, he reportedly ordered an expedition westwards. The expedition failed and of the hundreds of boats which had set out only one returned. Abu Bakr didn't believe the crew, who claimed that all the other boats had perished in a whirlpool, and embarked on a second expedition himself, never to be heard from again.

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