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Patch 1.25, aka "England", was released on 2018-03-20[1] with the checksum 0fb2. The patch was released alongside the Rule Britannia.png Rule Britannia expansion.

Expansion Features

  • Nations now have an Innovativeness value, ranging from 0.0 to 100.0.
  • Knowledge Sharing lets you speed up the adoption of Institutions in the target country.
  • Naval Doctrine Wooden Wall now gives a combat roll bonus of 1 in neighboring coastal provinces.
  • Added Coal Trade Good. Trading in Coal gives 10% extra Goods Produced nationally. Local bonus is 20% State Maintenance reduction.
  • Added potential for Coal to a number of provinces worldwide.
  • Added Furnace Manufactory that boosts national goods produced by 5% instead of local produced goods.
  • The Steer Trade diplomatic action and peace treaty can be used to make merchants in the recipient country steer trade value towards your trade nodes.
  • Added 15 Anglican events, including DHE to convert to Anglicanism as a British-culture nation.
  • Added 14 Irish missions
  • Added 15 Scottish missions
  • Added English Missions
  • Added British Missions
  • [Purple Phoenix] Updated the Purple Phoenix DLC for the new Mission System.

Free Features

  • Added map changes to The British Isles, France and Low Countries
  • Added New National Ideas to British Isles and Low Countries
  • Lobby/Start Screen: Added news banner (shown first time game is started after an update with new news content).
  • Reworked how gold is demanded in peace offers: 5 war score now equal one loan size of target, and maximum WS on gold is 25.
  • Missions System has been completely reworked, displaying all available missions for a nation in a dedicated tab
  • Diversified SFX for Papacy-style interfaces.
  • 10 Achievements added



  • Reduced most permanent sources of land maintenance cost reduction.
  • Increased tech effect on land maintenance from 0.01 to 0.02
  • Reduced amount of production and trade efficiency gained from tech


  • Tenures Abolition Policy no longer useless for Celestial Empires


  • you no longer break alliance or support liberty relations when changing the religion.


  • It is no longer possible to Conform to template Condottieri (or pending Condottieri).

War & Peace

  • At most 25 war score can be demanded as gold in peace.
  • War Score cost for Transfer Trade Power reduced to 30%
  • Tributary overlord is not called into independence wars between a tributary and his subject. Sukhothai rejoice!
  • Support independence is no longer canceled after one month if the overlord of the subject is a tributary.


  • To set Player attitude to Friendly towards a country now requires said country to have 50 opinion of player.



  • AI slightly more weights in neighbors that might declare on them in prewar power calculations.
  • AI will now consider giving provinces to subject in peace even if they have vital interest on them.
  • Made getting Friendly attitude from AI directly depend on opinion to a degree; this is an attempt to fix the bug that for unknown reasons made it very rare.
  • AI overlord cancelling Tributary relation or being cancelled by overlord will have -1000 towards acceptance for the duration of the opinion modifier.
  • Added explicit check to forbid AI from canceling Transfer trade power or Trade steering when an agreement to their benefit is in force, and they are not preparing war.
  • Fixed ruler personality induced war declaration disclosures and added this to Babbling Buffoon and Malevolent personalities as well.
  • Fixed AI acceptance modding for custom diplomatic actions.


  • AI will now use Statute in Restraint of Appeals decision under limited circumstances. AI with this decision active will never reject Anglicanism.
  • AI is now aware of more types of diplomatic expenses when performing budget calculations, hence less likely to underestimate budget.
  • Free Thinker and Scholar personality rulers are more likely to Knowledge share.
  • An AI country maxed out on tech will no longer try to advance to higher tech (this was reducing late game performance and preventing it from e.g. developing provinces instead).
  • AI is now more keen to repair unmothballed ships during peace if they have no loans.
  • AI is now able to decrease tariffs (again?)
  • Fixed AI increase in budget when rich, so it will spend more on army and navy if being very rich.
  • AI is now much more likely to build force limit buildings.
  • AI now deprioritizes building force limit/manpower/sailor buildings until they have built some economic buildings.
  • AI can now destroy buildings to build better ones if out of building slots when they are rich.


  • Mostly undid "AI prefers to siege with 1 or 2 regs above minimum of limit" change unless fort level is one. It caused other issues currently too complex for AI to deal with.
  • Capped number of days in a row an AI army will skip processing for during peace to 15 to avoid unresponsiveness when preparing war.
  • Fixed AI massing on borders before declaring war (for immersion), if there isn't too high threat nearby.
  • Trimmed down number of independent AI armies for countries with many regiments as this was being a performance drain.
  • Tweaked non-tributary subjects declaring wars (colonial nations) to require a greater advantage, as to create fewer "overlord must rescue them" situations.
  • Fixed issue where AI wouldn't merge many small transport fleets due to waiting for an admiral assignment it wouldn't decide to make anyway.
  • AI made more likely to choose fort provinces as fleet bases to avoid easy capture.
  • Added guard against AI launching doom stacking invasions into one province islands that already have enough troops (this works for any friendly units already arrived).
  • AI will no longer use armies to explore when there are threats nearby said army.
  • AI can now split their transport fleet when they feel safe about doing so and army to be transported is smaller than fleet.
  • Fixed case where army would refuse to board transport because target location is held by enemy controller (really old code not making sense).
  • Fixed exploration nations' AI splitting up most or all of their armies into 5k stacks due to reassigning conquistador.
  • AI should be slightly more proactive against transports landing troops on their home shores.
  • Fixed AI warship building; it can now build 5-10 times as large war fleets under favorable circumstances.
  • AI now keeps a home fleet consisting of warships that's not allowed to stray far from their home coast.
  • Revised number of admirals the AI recruits.
  • AI no longer unassigns admiral from fleet as soon as it leaves port to another fleet in port.
  • AI considers maneuver more important than before when estimating navy power and admiral skill.
  • Reduced willingness of AI to suicide navies that would enter battle early with a way too powerful enemy fleet because of expecting reinforcements.
  • Probably fixed exiled armies with splinters stuck unable to reach their base due to gathering up.
  • Fixed cause of fleets stuck waiting for 0 unit armies.
  • AI will try to keep a minimum fraction of its armies at home rather than sending them abroad to fight. This is however constrained by its splitting logic.
  • Invading AI army stuck and unable to path to departure port will now disband. This is less bad than tying up a large part of the AI's force (including freed splinters).
  • Tried to make AI less adamant about transporting troops to own areas with little actual military threat, as well as diverting troops from areas with significant actual threat.
  • AI slightly more likely to assign leaders to main armies rather than splinters, and especially than divisions.
  • AI can now simultaneously invade with multiple armies in same area provided there are enough enemies there (rather than exclusively with one army at a time).
  • Fixed major bug in region assignment system that made most assignments fantasy comparatively speaking.
  • Fixed invasion splinter consolidation behavior.
  • Tightened up AIs use of repairing fleets for transport (especially, it will no longer assign such a fleet and then let army sit frozen and wait for it to repair).


  • Revisited exploration logic to make it work as intended w.r.t. not using entire fleet for it. AI will also stop exploring during war properly.
  • AI regions are now different from geographic regions and are calculated to optimize AI, will hopefully help with idiot Mamluk AI.
  • Fixed crash caused by AI trying to raise janissaries in lost states.



  • Fixed country names sometimes appearing in very strange places when using Random New World
  • Land/Navy force limit values/modifiers (considering local autonomy) are shown on map and macro builder selecting Regimental Camp and Shipyard.


  • Added new flag for Cornwall
  • Armies drilling around now have a very notable yellow "Drilling" in their tooltip.
  • When a human player is at war with another human player, a blue flame will now be shown in the outliner instead of the standard red.


  • Clicking on an achievement's progress/requirements in the achievement browser will now highlight relevant provinces on the map that you need to fulfill the Achievement.
  • Clicking a decision requirement will now highlight relevant provinces on the map.



  • Added "innovativeness" console cmd.
  • Added "norevolts" console command.
  • Added "repair" [ships] console command.
  • Updated "economy" console command to also display AI budget.
  • Added "powerspend_count" console command.
  • Added "assert" console command to check trigger argument (if trigger evaluates false, test failure is invoked).


  • Added "change_innovativeness" effect (Country scope. Range [-100.0, 100.0], capped to [0.0, 100.0]).
  • Added complete_mission effect


  • Removed error logging of dynamic ( ex. [USER=1182520]@root[/USER] ) flags.
  • Fixed error log flooding of "undefined event target" when using global_event_target.


  • Added innovativeness static modifier.
  • Added the modifier type institution_growth. When applied to a province, it will grow all institution by this value, with special case handling for knowledge_sharing.
  • Added the province modifier knowledge_sharing added to any province where knowledge sharing is growing an institution.


  • Added "innovativeness" trigger (Country scope. Range: [0.0, 100.0]).
  • "else" and "else_if" now also works for the trigger version of "if"
  • Added is_capital_of trigger
  • has_province_modifier trigger now supports triggered province modifiers (takes triggered province modifier trigger key, checks both active and non-active triggered modifiers).
  • Added has_active_triggered_province_modifier trigger (takes triggered province modifier trigger key).
  • Added support for provinces_to_highlight for missions, decisions and achievements
  • Make continent trigger support provinces (Instead of only continent tags and country tags)
  • Added num_of_foreign_hre_provinces trigger.
  • Added has_mission trigger to check if scope tag has mission available
  • Add number of consorts trigger.
  • Add captured ships with Boarding naval doctrine trigger.
  • Add island provinces trigger.


  • Added the define NDefines::NDiplomacy::PEACE_COST_GOLD_STEP to specify maximum number of loans worth of gold that can be taken from giver.
  • Changed the semantics of define PEACE_COST_GOLD_STEP to set WS per loan.
  • Added PEACE_COST_STEER_TRADE define to specify peace cost of the Steer trade peace option.
  • Added the define DIPLOMATIC_ACTION_KNOWLEDGE_SHARING_ACCEPTANCE_MULT to control AI's tendency to use Knowledge Sharing based on acceptance.
  • Changed church aspect objects effect to be named modifier instead.
  • Added define EXTRA_SURPLUS_WHEN_NEEDING_BUILDINGS for AI to make them save more money as long as they need to construct buildings.
  • Added INVADING_MIN_HOME_RATIO to specify minimum of armies AI should keep at home.
  • Added HOME_FLEET_MAX_RATIO to specify the upper limit number of warships AI should keep as a home fleet.



  • Added 10 new achievements


  • Added province highlighting for decisions.
  • Added decision to adopt Sikh Religion for Muslims.


  • Added 15 Innovativeness events
  • Added option in Margaret of Anjou event to make her a consort. Event can no longer trigger if there is already a consort.
  • Cruelty of Mercenaries now requires at least 15 units of Mercenaries, rather than 1.
  • Added 22 events relating to the Industrial Revolution.
  • Added 1 price change event for Coal.
  • The event for Toyotomi Hideyoshi now lets you choose him as your heir.


  • Burgundian Ambition is now 15% Goods Produced.


  • Added province highlighting for missions.
  • Added French missions
  • Added Mamluk missions
  • Added Persian Missions. The Persian flavor events "Reforms of Ismail" and "The Shrine of Najaf" are now triggered through missions instead of mean time to happen.
  • Updated Missions for Gujarat for the new Mission System
  • Updated Missions for Orissa for the new Mission System
  • Updated Missions for Oman for the new Mission System
  • Updated Missions for High American Tech Group for the new Mission System
  • Updated Missions for Korea for the new Mission System
  • Updated Missions for Hisn Kayfa for the new Mission System
  • Updated Missions for Lubeck for the new Mission System
  • Updated Missions for Netherlands for the new Mission System
  • Updated Missions for Spain and Castile for the new Mission System
  • Updated Missions for England for the new Mission System
  • Updated Missions for Portugal for the new Mission System.
  • Updated Missions for Austria for the new Mission System.
  • Updated Missions for Tirol and Styria for the new Mission System.
  • Updated Missions for the Ottoman Empire for the new Mission System.
  • Fleshed out Byzantine Mission to conquer Venice reward a bit.
  • Updated and Reworked Missions for Timurids, Afghanistan, Transoxiana, and Ajam for the new Mission system
  • Updated Base Game Missions for the Byzantines for the new Mission System.
  • Added Missions for Bohemia
  • Added Missions for Burgundy, focusing on Lotharingia and Arelat
  • Added short Mission Chain for Rassids and Aden


  • Added The Isles as a vassal of Scotland in 1444
  • Dijon is now an Inland Center of Trade.
  • János Hunyadi no longer treated as a regency.
  • Revamped areas a bit in Northern France and the Low Countries.
  • Split Bourgogne into Dijonnais and Auxerrois.
  • Removed Limburg Province and replaced it with Upper Guelders. Much of old Limburg now belongs to the province of Liege.
  • Added 4 provinces to Ireland.
  • Added 15 provinces to the Island of Great Britain.
  • Added 3 provinces to the Lowlands Region.
  • Added 8 provinces to the French Region.
  • Added Tyrconnell country tag Ireland.
  • Added Faly country tag in Ireland.
  • Added Ormond country tag in Ireland.
  • Added Munster (MacCarthy Mor) country tag in Ireland.
  • Added Mann revolter tag.


  • Added startup screens for Irish minors, Provence, Brittany, and Scotland.
  • You can now pick the Siberian Clan Council government in the Nation Designer.


  • You can no longer reinforce your armies for free by drilling them.
  • Added even more consistent coloring in tutorial overview.
  • Fixed bug in trade policy event 9 that would make it impossible to get new maps from it.
  • Fixed bad check in tribal federation event 6.
  • Breaking Vassalization is no longer limited to Art of War (clearly not WAD).
  • Fixed wrong primary culture for Hojo, Hosokawa and Tokugawa.
  • Fixed sound not playing when becoming Defender of the Faith for certain religions.
  • Fixed CTD when trying to move a trade end node in nudger.
  • Fixed minor heir name display bug.
  • Removed different religious school penalty when playing without CoC as it was inconsistent with DLC feature.
  • Fixed bug where subject wasn't able to call its overlord into war when said overlord had warned other party, despite UI claiming otherwise.
  • Modding: Fixed trade routes no longer being written when using the nudge tool (broke in 1.23).
  • Modding: Fixed trade routes not showing when first opening the nudge tool.
  • Modding: Added info dialog when trying to select a Trade Node with no outgoing routes.
  • MP: Fixed banned players getting a message about being kicked instead of banned.
  • Fixed swapped option texts for Japanes flavor event 50, "A Son Finds His Way Home".
  • Startup screen for Austria no longer makes claims about the ability of Albert the Magnanimous twice.
  • Fixed an event that could swap the religion of a province that had a Center of Reformation.
  • Fixed a bug where the Japanese Flavor Event "Silver Pavilion" could trigger in a province that already had a Cathedral.
  • Fixed freeze when having the same unit multiple times in province unit list.
  • Fixed CTD in ai_acceptance in custom diplomatic actions.
  • Fixed La Malinche's distinct lack of culture.
  • Forming Japan now properly sets a flag so it cannot be recycled by the same country.
  • Local Institution spread no longer shown in national modifier view.
  • Grand Embassy event series should now be less confused about gender.
  • Fixed Timeline FoW exploit.
  • When the emperor enacts "Revoke Privilegia" it does not matter if it's capital is outside of HRE for liberty desire calculation purpose
  • The Surrender of Maine event no longer refers to the wrong monarch taking matters into his own hands.
  • When a Center of Reformation is created, it will now automatically stop conversion by other Centers of Reformation.
  • Fixed CTD and added error log if trying to use add/remove_province_triggered_modifier with invalid modifier.
  • Fix the Declare War dialog: the overlord of colonial nations will not defend the colonial nation in case of war against other colonial nations or natives.
  • Fixed CTD when using the "run" console command with scripted triggers.
  • Fix new (empty) provinces when loading old saves
  • Added flag to prevent war of the roses from potentially happening twice
  • Primitives no longer get Naval Reformers in their advisor pool
  • Fixed wrong scope for institution_events.26 MTTH.
  • Units can no longer be Conformed to Template while movement is locked.
  • Yet another fix for AI sending subsidies < 0.1 ducats
  • Make trading cities start with ideas group if appropriate
  • Make Constantinople the Capital decision now changes religion in Constantinople to ROOT religion rather than Sunni
  • Fixed so that you cannot refill garrisons unless they are controlled by you or a current war ally.
  • Hostile coring cost province modifier no longer disappears for annexed countries as long as they are the most "hostile coring costing" claim in the province.
  • Troop counts over 1 million in war overview now show with 2 decimals.
  • Troop counts in war overview are no longer hidden to observer.
  • Fixed the ability to create empty "ghost armies" when transporting across water via automatic transport missions.
  • Fixed crash when trying to build a manufactory locally in a province.
  • Fixed scoping bug for continent trigger in some trade policy events.
  • Fixed error when using the "cede_province = ---" command.